Vultron was built by Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3.                "Vultron Lives"



Agent Boo and RB3 thought that incase Black-Out was ever busy or working with Agent Vortex, RB3 may need another robot just incase. Agent Boo decided to make a robot for him. RB3 (Short for Robot Boo 3) and Agent Boo worked together to make the robot. Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3 made sure that Vultron and RB3 would not fight eachother. Due to one may die.

Role During Operation S.O.U.N.D

During Operation Sound, Agent Boo calls Vultron to attack Agent Omega X and appears. He smashes Omega off Omega's Helicopter and damages him brutely. This is his first mission he has been in.


Vultron has 5 weapons which are very powerful :

Time Power

The time power can let him shoot time waves which can make anything older or newer. When using this against enemies he can make them so old until they die.

Space Power

This power can let him teleport,make portals, and when something is coming to Vultron he can just make it go through a portal and come to another way.

Mind Power

The mind power can allow Vultron to read someones mind or control their minds. Controlling someone else's minds can be very useful. He can also switch people's minds as well.

Reality Power

The reality power changes reality. Which everyone knows, reality is a inlusion. This can be useful tricking the enemy.

Power Ability

The power ability can unleash power destroying anything in its way. He can shoot this out of his mouth or his hands. This can also drain electricity from electronics making anything that uses electricity powerless. It can also power up things as well, such as a tablet. If someone uses the same energy from all of the powers he can use his hands to absorb the powers.

All Powers Combined

When all powers combined he can destroy anything in a second. He could also make meteors hit CP,earthquakes,huricanes, tempature change and more. He can also bend metal, crushing it and same with other matierals.


  • Force Field
  • Jetboots
  • Builder (Can build anything)
  • Super Laser Sonic Scream (Shoots out a high scream and has a laser ray making it deadly)
  • Laser Hand (Can shoot lasers out of his hands)
  • Speed Dash (Is very fast)
  • Strength (Is very strong and tough)
  • Smart (Like all robots very smart)
  • Laser Mouth (Can shoot lasers out of his mouth including a heat ray)
  • Ghost-Mite armor
  • Hack (Can take control of any thing that is robotic or has tech)


  • He has defeated the Avengers before.
  • He was going to be called Robot Boo 4 but than it would sound like Vultron was replacing RB3.