Vortex Industries HQ is the headquarters of Vortex Industries owned by Agent Vortex.

What it's used for

Vortex industries HQ is used for many things such as taking calls from penguins to have one of our products shipped to them and they also hold all the company's products in their storage room.



The building is located right below the second tallest mountain.if anyone wants to come into a building they have to make a reservation and have I.D. Check before they come in.

The building is split into 4 parts such as,

Storage room

This room is used for all the products that come in from vortex industries,it also has 2 camera's one is in the east side and one is in the middle of the straightaway.

Meeting room

This is where all of the workers come together to talk about the inventions such as the flaws or what the next invention should be.It also has a Flat screen TV that has surround sound so they can Watch TV and receive calls.

Break room

This room is where all the Employees eat their lunch and talk.They also go there sometimes to relax after a long hard day of working.There are 2 comfortable couches there and a table that has alot of chairs so everyone could eat.

Control room

this is where the technicians or other people control the Electricity and the lights around in the building.


Black out monitors the whole building to check if their are robbers or infiltrators like some pookie protectors that want to blow up the building or steal the files.There are cameras everywhere to see everything.The system is kinda like system defender and has good protection against hackers so they can't break in through the mainframe.


  • This building is ran by Agent Vortex
  • The building is open 5:00 to 10:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time)