This is a list of products being made by Vortex Industries, there products include pookie skilling, deadly toys and more.

Current Products

  • Terror Teddies: This is one of Agent Vortex's inventions for the Pookie Hater Defense, the terror teddies are like any normal teddy. However when hugged, it will pop out spikes causing various injuries and skilling them.
  • Pulsar Cannon: This cannon is a very overpowered and highy unstable cannon. It was created by Agent Vortex himself to shoot pookies or any other penguins who try to harm him. The cannon shoots balls of plasma which are highly unstable and very dangerous explosive projectiles. This is the most powerful weapon that you will need Agent Vortex's permission to own one. It is also one of the most very expensive products in Vortex Industries.
  • Pookie TV: The Pookie TV is very similar like any other TV except it only shows what shows pookie's like. However after a while the pookie's brain will go dead and will collapse in their skull causing them to die instantly.
  • Kooky Candy (A.K.A. Crazy Candy), This special type of candy will cause a pookie to loose control all over their body which makes the pookie go insane and skill their fam fam. It will go so crazy that it will skill itself leaving several dead penguin bodies everywhere.
  • The Elmo Dippy (A.K.A. Killer Dippy) is a diaper with a picture of Elmo on the front that has a special Fluid only available to Agent Vortex that can kill the Pookie.When the Dada,Mumu ETC puts the Diaper on the Pookie a Almost indestructible Belt will Replace the Velcro on the Diaper then Squirt the Special fluid into the Pookies Body Part(s) and go into its intestines then travel to The pookies Heart and Slowly Burn the Pookies Heart and kill it.
  • The Killer Crown: This crown is not like any other crown but it has special claws that come out of the front interior and latch onto the Pookies head so they cant take it off but if they attempt to the Claws will go Deeper and Deeper and Cause the pookie To get into Extreme pain. Then A sharp Buzzsaw will come out of the crown and Slowly and painfully Cut the Pookies Brain and Skull in half and then kill the pookie.
  • The Deadringer: This Invention secretly disguised as a pocket watch. It helps the PHD agents survive battles and wars they have. When someone or something attempts to kill them the Deadringer will instantly get activated and make you invisible and leave a holographic dead body of you to trick the person or thing think they actually killed you, with that temporary invisibility you can disable or kill the thing or person that was trying to kill you.


  • These products are only for pookies. Normal penguins, puffles, and chicks should stay away from them as possible.