Buy it for your pookies!
— Vortex Industries Official Motto
Vortex Industries
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December 22, 2014


Agent Vortex, Agent Boo


Agent Club


Vortex Industries HQ

Partner Company(s)

Boo Industries

Vortex Industries is a company that was founded by Agent Vortex.


Agent Vortex needed a way to publish his inventions to all of Club Penguin Island, he wanted to create a company that would allow him to sell his items. The result was Vortex Industries to sell his deadly toys and inventions to pookies to kill them off one by one.

Later, Vortex Industries was partnered with Boo Industries which Agent Vortex and Agent Boo agreed on.


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Vortex Industries makes many products such as PHD weaponry, deadly toys, candy, and electronics for only for pookies.


  • They are partners with Boo Industries.
  • Vortex Industries Headquarters are 5:00am-10:00pm PST (Penguin Standard Time) for penguins who work there.
  • Like Boo Industries, they secretly work for the Pookie Hater Defense.
  • Their logo is similar to Boo's Industries except black and white.