Ok, it's not technically ending. The Club Penguin virtual world is being discontinued on March 29, 2017. From now until then, there is a "Waddle On" Party which, I have to admit, is pretty nostalgic. However, there is "Club Penguin Island" for mobile only, which will come sometime this year. I have already pre-registered, and you can check out the sneak peek at As for roleplaying in this new game, I honestly don't think it would work unless a) you can choose your server (it's a mobile app) and b) performance is actually decent. The graphics are similar to the current mobile Club Penguin app, but it's slightly different (to me). There are a plethora of new features (you can actually eat food...) but I can't say anything negative about the parties... yet. Well, why would I care since I don't really do anything on CP? Well, no one mentioned it here yet (I think) so might as well post this. But anyway, CP Island looks very interesting, and if anyone is interested in continuing whatever you do now, pre-registration is still on until February 16. It's not like I'm advertising for Disney or anything...

Ok I'm not I swear.

-Agent Dart

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