This is usually what a non member uppie looks like.

Uppies are dogs in Club Penguin.

They are usually nice to pookies, but some aren't. (the ones that work for us). These uppies are called Hater Dogs, these dogs are aggressive and mean to pookies. They usually bite or claw pookies they try to hurt them and usually cause pain to the pookie.

What Uppies Do:

What Uppies do is they usually be the owners pet, they can also be the pookie's pet too. Some pookies beg their parents for an uppie, but some uppies are wild and usually hurt pookies when they try to pet them. Uppies like treats such as steaks, bones, dog food, and more, their owner will also make them a bed for them to sleep in.

What Uppies Wear:

  • Some uppies wear the african painted dog costume, while non-member uppies usually wear the color brown.
  • Some also dress like a pookie, but wear a dog mask.
  • It is also uncommon for non-member uppies to get picked.
  • Many "older" uppies wear wigs such as The Glamourous.


  • Uppies are more popular than Kitties.
  • Sometimes uppies are wolves, who are mean to everyone (including pookies), they also raise a family of "pups". 
  • Their apperance depends if they are a newborn uppie or not.
  • They are the MOST popular pets in Club Penguin, so are the puffles.

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