Ultraseven56 (Agent Ultra)     Edit

Agent Ultra joined on OCTOBER 18, 2015. And usually a neutral to pookies.

 ==Before hating pookiesEdit==

Ultra was looking at Club Penguin Island when he first joined Club Penguin and went onto the Map he was new so he never new anything about Club Penguin and went on the Plaza he then ended up there and the stage was put up with the other buildings, and he was curious about the the Pet Shop and wondered if there was actually pets to adopt so he walked into the Pet Shop and found out there was some kind of pet called a Puffle other than adopting an puffle he heard loads of baby noises at the end of the Pet Shop. He then turned around and saw loads of Pookies he didn't know what pookies were and he googled 'Baby Penguins on CP' And ended up on the Pookie Wiki and he then learnt that the name of those are called Pookies, he then went back to CP. He didn't bother them that day and then all the other days he didn't protest them.

Ultra becoming a memberEdit

Ultra became a member when he first bought a membership card and entered the code. He then bought more stuff on the Penguin Style and gotten some member things and wore them. He looked cool in those times when he was an member but when the membership ran out he had to use his old non-member things. 

How Ultra Became a Pookie hater Edit

He thought he could try and be an pookie and wore some of his non member stuff and put on Yellow. He then started acting like a pookie but all the other pookies just putted him on their ignore list. He then got angry and then started going to a Gun Shop and bought everything there with all of his money. He got his igloo prepared with guns and bombs and put all the right ammo in his guns and started to get an Bazooka and hid it he then spied on the pookies with his invisibility drug and then went to a Mumu's house and he got out the bazooka and exploded the whole igloo with him just escaping without noticing, a boy pookie was grabbing onto him, and when he noticed that an pookie was grabbing onto him he threw the pookie in the igloo, but the igloo was all burnt so he got burned with fire with his whole family.


  • Agent Ultra accidently messed up his own page (this one) with a user thing
  • More things will be added in this section by Agent Ultra

Pictures Ultra posted on this wikiEdit

4 of 5Add photo==Newest to oldest pictures from some of you guys (including some of mine)Edit==

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