Ultimate Penguin Force (UPF) founded by one of the PHD's enemy's Agent Mastermind on April 29, 2014. This agency was dedicated to keep Club Penguin safe, there were other PHD agents were part of this agency. Such as Agent Club, Agent Bon Chaos, and Agent Unknown.


It is unknown how Agent Mastermind got the idea for this agency, the agency wasn't very popular and not many people joined. Agent Unknown used to be an agent for the UPF quit as it got boring. Agent Club and Agent Bon Chaos also joined the UPF, but Agent Club also quit as it was getting boring and left.

The only agents to this day are Agent Mastermind and Agent Bon Chaos, however, Agent Bon Chaos also got bored with this agency too.


  • The agency was run by one of the Pookie Hater Defense and Robber Penguin Agency's enemy Agent Mastermind.
  • It was extremely a failure.
  • It is unknown if the agency is still alive or not.

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