What is it?

The S.M.P.C.P is a potion made by Agent Smp or Smpcp9876 on cp. It is a Smp Industries product. It stands for the super monstrous pookie chemical potion. It kills pookies in 100 seconds! The S.M.P.C.P looks like a chocolate milkshake. The pookies get addicted to it and when they are halfway drinking it their heart pumps slower and their brain stops working! Then their organs start to get damaged and burn but they do not feel it. When 60 seconds have gone they start to feel it and cannot do anything to stop it.
  • What The S.M.P.C.P looks like
  • The S.M.P.C.P in a box if delivered to a fam fam
  • The S.M.P.C.P in a box if being delivered to a pookie hater


The ingredients in it are: Poison, Agent Smp's DNA, chemicals, brown food colouring, milk, addictives, chocolate flavour and acid.


Agent smp was inspired by the Elmo killer smoothie which was made by Agent Extreme. Smp liked the idea and made something similar to it. Since he didnt want to copy it he used different ingredients.


  • Smp thought the name should have been the pookie death potion
  • The S.M.P.C.P has killed 35 pookies so far.
  • Smp made it to make it easier to kill pookies and made it since he likes making potions and killing pookies.

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