The Nightmare
This is Agent Nightmare's powerful and indestructible spaceship.


Cannons, Laser cannons, the Ultimate Cannons, radars, Light-Speed engine, power boost button, etc.


Agent Nightmare, Badger4857 (friend of Agent Nightmare)


Keeping pookies captive, torturing pookies, releasing bombs onto PPP/enemies, etc.

The Nightmare, is Agent Nightmare's spaceship. He uses it to fly around CP and do things like capture pookies and torture them in it, drop bombs on pookie's and fam fam's igloos, and lots of forms of damage to the pookies.


The Nightmare has lots of offense weapons on it, like laser cannons, cannons, and more. The Special giant laser cannon is hidden inside the spaceship, this cannon is so powerful with one blast, it can destroy 10 fam fam igloos in one zap, Nightmare usually flies in front of the igloos, orders the fam fam fam to surrender (they usually do), but if they refuse Agent Nightmare will presses the big red button by unlocking it with a special key. When he presses the button the ultimate laser cannon is released, ready to destroy the fam fam's igloo and all the rest of the fam igloos behind it. Then all the fam igloos will dicintegrate in one second along with the pookies, and fam fam members. The ultimate laser cannon's blast is called the Mega Blast. It has this name due to its power.


  • The Nightmare is fully equipped with cannons and laser cannons.
  • The Nightmare can fly up to the speed of light.
  • The Nightmare exterior is made of Adamantium-Vibranium, making it indestructible, and able to withstand any PPP air attack.
  • It can go to light-speed and fly into speed just incase of being chased by the PPP, with it's special light-speed engine.
  • It is filled with extra security such as cameras and lasers just incase of intruders.
  • It can destroy many PPP jets in one air-flight-battle.


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