The Extremejet
[[Extremejet (Upgraded) (Resized)|5px]]
The Extremejet

Speed it can travel upto =

Speed of light.

Missiles =

10 missiles launched every 1 launch.

Abilities =

Cameo mode, assault mode, auto-pilot, enhanced radar, etc.

During Operation Kidnap, The powerful Extremejet was minted through fresh Adamantium-Vibranium in Extreme industries by AE, while the powerful Extremebot/Robo Bongi6/Robo Keyboard Army was being made. It was manufactured by the toughest metal in the world, and has been updated by Agent Extreme. Agent Extreme had also used it the first time he destabilised and destroyed the Kitty lover ageny HQ as an act of revenge on his former arch enemy Ballono.


  • The Extremejet is Agent Extreme's signature vehicle because it can also transform into a powerful automobile, and even a big high tech speed boat as it was upgraded by AE to do so.

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