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The Ark (A.K.A. Darth Nihilus Ship) is a huge space ship used to shoot down rebel ships in and transport Darth Nihilus to different locations.


When Darth Nihilus was going out to skill some pookies.

He saw that all his other sith friends were going into outer space to go and destroy rebels. He needed to find a way to get into space and then made The Ark.


  • The Ark has many weapons used for its Attacks such as-
  • 8 Pulsar Cannons (Made by Vortex Industries)
  • 4 Laser Rail Cannons (Made by Boo industries and Given by Agent Boo)
  • 1 Atomic bomb
  • 6 Anti Aircraft Guns
  • 2 Shockwave Cannons (They can disable the electronics of ships)
  • 9 Jump Cables (They Can be used to Forcefully Board other ships)
  • EMP's (Electro magnetic pulse)


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