The Super Hero Agency is an organization of the most skilled super heroes, that work to keep club penguin safe. It was found on November 16, 2014 by Bongi6, who is now known as the second known Shadow Guy after Sam, the original Shadow Guy, stopped being a real hero and started basically just acting like he still did hero work when he really didn't. Their HQ is called the Super Hero Agency HQ.


Bongi6 was in Club Penguin, when suddenly, he realized something: he was a super hero known as Shadow Guy, and what if the Avengers weren't strong enough to stop all villains? Bongi6, then created the Super Hero Agency, a super hero association more powerful than the Avengers, that are dedicating to saving Club Penguin.

Members of the SHA

  • Shadow Guy II (real name: Bongi6) (Leader)
  • Ice Storm (real name: Boo335) (2nd in Command)
  • Phoenix (real name: Stevenlego) (3rd in Command)
  • Fire Spider (real name: Omegasonic13) (Commander)
  • Electro Squid (real name: Dafunkyazn3) (Hero)
  • The Spark (real name: Kidzrule) (Super Hero)
  • The Weegee (real name: Poisoon140) (Hero)
  • The Sparkle (real name:  Millynilly2) (Hero)
  • Darkwave (real name: Darkragent02) (Elite Hero)
  • The Twister (real name: Hugh201) (Hero)
  • Foresta Lupin (real name: FluffyWyntr6) (Hero)
  • The Brain (real name: Obookey) (Hero)
  • Batpeng (real name: Partstripes) (Hero)
  • The Bloodlust (real name: TheBerserker34) (Newcomer Hero)


  • Leader/Director (Commands all agents, only one penguin can be this)
  • Second in Command (Commands all agents with a lower rank, only one can be this)
  • Third in Command (Commands all agents with a lower rank, only one can be this)
  • Master (Commands all agents with lower rank, has director's trust) 
  • Commander (Commands all agents with lower rank)
  • Mega Hero (Cannot command)
  • Elite Hero (Cannot Command)
  • Super Hero (Agents that have improved, and became more than just a hero, they can have their own S.H.A Phones)
  • Hero (New agents that have just joined)
  • Cadet (Heroes that are in training)


  • The Avengers (Rival)
  • Elite Penguin Force
  • Club Penguin Police Department


  • The agents in this agency are a mix of Pookie Haters and Pookie Lovers together, working together. However, since the disband and official death of the PPP, the agency was with more Haters than Lovers.
  • As for the robbers, they were a bit less than the Haters.
  • Due to the increasing number of pookie haters that join the agency, Fire Spider once stated, half-jokingly, that "being in the SHA was almost like being in the PHD" and that "if the SHA merged with the PHD, no one would probably notice because they have almost the same agents".