Spider-Bots are special bots made by Agent Omega X (Fire-Spider).


They were featured in Operation Infiltration II where they went into Robot Boo 3 and Vultron's cracks and made them entered self-defense mode. Along with a message from Omega X (Earth-616) saying they won't be able to stop them from blowing up the PHD HQ. The spider-bots damage the robots, malfunction them, and finally electrocute them and are about to explode. However, instead of exploding, the spider-bots explode inside their brains, indicating they failed.

The robots find out about the spider-bots and alter them and make them into "Boo-Bots" with the help with Black-Out.

Later on they attack Omega X (Earth-5621) and Agent Batman. They destroy the CPPD cars and helicopters with their lasers. Omega X tries top make them stop but he and Agent Batman see Robot Boo 3, Vultron, and Black-Out. The spider-bots are revealed to have been modified and they are now "Boo-Bots". Vultron attacks Omega X (Earth-616) and Agent Batman and throws them deep down in the ocean where they can drown.

However Omega X (Earth-616) suddenly emerges from the ocean and carrying Agent Batman on his shoulder. Omega X (Earth-616) snaps his fingers and the spider-bots are returned to their original programming and make them go into Immunity Development Mode which make them immune to future attempts of reprogramming. Omega X (Earth-616) then explodes the PHD HQ into a massive fireball.

Holy Omega (Earth-5621) reverses time and resets everything, even though only the two Omegas and the PHD Agents who were there remember what happened. The spider-bots were returned to Earth-616 and the PHD HQ was restored.


  • So far they have only appeared in Operation Infiltration II.

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