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Smp Industries
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June 2015


Agent Smp


Club Penguin, Smp Industries tower

Partner companies

Boo Industries

Smp Industries is a company founded by Agent Smp. Smp Industries works with Boo Industries. It makes extremely deadly products which he sells to kill pookies. There are already over 500 workers and 1000 employees working at Smp Industries.

Why he made it

Agent Smp made Smp industries to sell his deadly products to fam fams and pookie haters all over club penguin island and penguin city so it would be more easier to kill pookies. He disguises the products so the fam fam's don't suspect anything.



The S.M.P.C.P (Cost:1000 coins)

Description: The S.M.P.C.P stands for the Super Monstrous Pookie Chemical Potion. It is very healthy for puffles but extremely dangerous for pookies. On the bottle it is labelled 'chocolate special'. Once a pookie takes a sip, it gets completely addicted to it and then kills pookies in 100 seconds!


  • Agent Smp's DNA
  • Whipped cream
  • Milk
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Poison
  • Chemicals
  • Acid
  • Addictives
  • What The S.M.P.C.P looks like
  • The S.M.P.C.P in a box if delivered to a fam fam
  • The S.M.P.C.P in a box when being delivered to a pookie hater.


The Elmo Movie

Cost: 7000 coins

Description: The Elmo movie is a very deadly product. It's just like a normal movie but it controls the pookies minds. When the pookies watch it, they feel numb and their eyes become really sore. Then, their minds stop working and they start being mind-controlled. The mind-control always tells the pookie to kill themselves.


  • Brainwash potion
  • Mind-control serum
  • The cover of The Elmo movie
  • The DVD disk for The Elmo movie
  • A scene of The Elmo movie on TV


The Fear Bear

Cost: 5000 coins

Description: The Fear Bear is disguised as an Elmo teddy bear. The pookie loves it and keeps cuddling it. At night time, the Fear Bear transforms into it's original form and scares the pookie. Then, the Fear Bear kills it then transforms back to the Elmo teddy bear so when the pookie's mumu sees her pookie dead, they don't know that the Fear Bear did it.

  • The Fear Bear in disguise in a box
  • The Fear Bear in disguise
  • The Fear Bear in it's original form
  • The Fear Bear scaring the pookie

Pookies: The extinction

Cost: (20000 coins)

Description: This is a game that only pookie haters play. It has only been released on the 3DS, Wii U and Wii. In game, you will first be playing as Agent Smp. The aim of the game is to rid every single one of the pookies on Club penguin. As you progress, you will unlock more characters and minigames. At certain times, you will need to use a certain character. You can also use codes to unlock stuff on your club penguin account! You will play different missions such as hiding in fam fams homes, attacking pookies and fighting enemies! At the end, you can choose any puffle you want to have on your club penguin account and then you can transfer it to your account!

Controls (3DS):

Circle Pad/Control Pad:Move around/Dodge attacks

A button:Jump

B button:Throw

X button:Uppercut/Kick (If moving, kick)

Y button:Spin Kick

R button:Block

L button:Catch

Start button:Pause/Resume the game/Save and quit game

Home button:Exit the game straight to the 3DS home menu


A button+Circle pad/Control pad:Climb

L button+B button:Catch arm/foot and then throw over head

Unlockable characters:

Agent Nightmare

Agent Extreme

Agent Shadow

Agent Boo

Agent Club

Agent Bongi6

Agent Vortex

Agent Slash

Agent Era

Agent Unknown

Agent Jonie


Agent Omega X

Agent Batman

Agent Mastermind

Agent Cool




ICECREAM (500 coins)

3DIAMOND (500 coins)

PURPLE41 (500 coins)

SLOBSTER (500 coins)

FERIASCP (Laptop+Hiking backpack+500 coins)

HPHONES1 (Puffle headphones)

UFOMASKE (Celadon Ailen Mask)

UFOANZUG (Celadon Ailen Costume)

  • Pookies The Extinction 3DS (Front of the cover)
  • Pookies The Extinction 3DS (Back of the game cover)
  • The 3DS game cartridge
  • Pookies The Extinction for Wii U
  • The back of the cover for Wii U
  • The Wii U disk

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