Skill Phone
16px InformationTemplate-info.svg
Available Yes
Type Hand Item
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found PHD Shop
Item ID None
Unlockable  ?
The Skill Phone (A.K.A. PHD Phone) is a special phone agents will get when they join the Pookie Hater Defense. The phone is for contacting PHD agents, call in weapons, or for special emergencies.

It can also be used to teleport to the PHD HQ.


The phone has all the latest pookie skilling technology that the agent needs. You can call in weapons and get messages from others as well. The phone is similar to the EPF phone but with more pookie-skilling applications.


The phone can be upgraded, when upgraded the agent will get more pookie-skilling applications, new features for the phone and more built in gadgets.


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