Freddy doll

How a Scary teddy looks like

The Scary Teddies were made by Boo Industries.

How To Use Them

The Scary Teddies are VERY different from the Terror Teddies. When a Pookie buys one the pookie will surely love it. When the pookie sleeps with the teddy it will move around at night. Watching the pookie with Spy Cameras that show on the TV in the Pookie Hater Defense HQ. When the pookie is sound asleep and everyone else in the pookie's house is sleeping. The teddy will grab the pookie puts tape on it so it can't scream and put it inside. The teddy will blow up taking the house with it. When the pookie has it during the day, the teddy will say "Tell me all your secrets". The pookie will tell him all the secrets. If the pookie dies for the some reason, The teddy will go to a PHD Agent (that sent the teddy) and the teddy will tell the agent all of the pookie's secrets.

What It Wears?

It wears a black hat,a bow-tie,and holds a microphone. There is a exo-skeleton. So it is a aminatronic.

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