This is a list of Robot Boo 3's abilites created by Agent Boo.

Current Abilites

  • Jetpack
  • Super Speed
  • Camouflage (Can camouflage with snow and ice).
  • Scanner (Can scan anything for enemies even if they are invisible) (Can also scan for anything and locate it).
  • Maps (Can locate anything,anyone,and anywhere).
  • Skates (For CP's land).
  • Expert Driver (Can drive anything).
  • Language Translater (Can translate any language).
  • Night Vision Goggles (Can see in dark).
  • He can not turn bad or turn haywire (It is very rare for that to happen) (In case it does he can push a special button to make him normal again).
  • Jump Boots (Can jump higher).
  • Invisibility (Can not be seen sometimes).
  • Boots Stay (Can make boots stay to the floor).
  • Shape Shifter (Can shape shift into ANYTHING!)
  • Super Sense (Can sense when something will happen)


  • Most of these abilites were made by Agent Boo.