Robot Boo 3
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Robot Boo 3

Full Name

Robot Boo 3


Agent Boo

Friends from the PHD

Agent Boo, Agent Vortex, Agent Club


Robot Boo 3, RB3



Agencies Working For

Pookie Hater Defense


Agent Omega X, PPP Agents.Pookies



Robot Boo 3 was created by Agent Boo. He is the third robot of the Robot Boo series and the successor of Robot Boo 2.



Agent Boo made Robot Boo to help him with capturing pookies. He did make two other robots who were destroyed. Robot Boo 3 helps Boo335 capture pookies and guard his jail.

Robot Boo has a force field and a snow helmet and armor, also a jetpack so it can fly high in the sky shooting down pookies. His boots are skates so he can skate on the ice in CP.

Agent Boo has a remote to turn it off if it goes haywire. He has set up a computer inside him for the enemy list and the allies list. If their is a operation going on or a war. Robot Boo will come and protect his base. If Agent Boo needs backup. Boo will get his robot phone which will call him for backup. He can even shoot a sword with a chain on the end. The sword will hit the target going into it and spin. It will break whatever its near by and come back. He has a jetpack that shoots rockets at the enemies. He can search everywhere for a pookie or a enemies. Sometimes you will see this robot destroying a enemy,in Boo335's base and with Boo335. The RPF (robot penguin force) Upgraded him. If this robot gets destroyed. It can heal with its robo-healer 3000. The RPF made it for this robot. The robo-healer is secretly hidden. If you throw the robot in lava. The healer is made out of metal out of this galaxy. So the healer is unbreakable. He is not making a army of these. There is many ways, but this is one. To destroy the robot but you must be a trusted EPF member and remember how. He has programmed and trained it as well.


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  • It is unknown if there will be a Robot Boo 4, a fourth robot in the Robot Boo series.
  • Robot Boo has defeated many pookies and uses the heads as trophies.
  • Robot Boo has met a lot of agents.
  • Agent Boo calls him RB3 as short for Robot Boo 3.
  • This was all made by Agent Boo.
  • He has enough ammo for everything.
  • He doesn't need to recharge but he can rest if he wants or guard penguins when they sleep.
  • He is also a helper to Agent Boo.
  • He can be destroyed different ways but it is very hard.
  • This is the 3rd Robot Agent Boo has ever made.
  • It took him 2 weeks to make and 1 week to upgrade.
  • Robot Boo 3 is very good friends with Black-Out. They make a good team. They are kind of like partners.
  • He does not have a off button, or a switch.
  • He has a account on Old CP. Which is played by Agent Boo
  • He isn't effected by the Negative Dimension effects.
  • He is the co-pilot for Agent Boo's Jet
  • He helped make Vultron.