Puff Island

What the Island looks like.

Puff Island is an island discovered and owned by Agent Veggiepuff. It's native creatures are Furbies. It is divided into 7 sections. It is also the method of accessing Puff's Dojo. Puff trains the native Furbies all of the different forms of Card-Jitsu here.

Middle Area (Card-Jitsu)

The center of the island houses Card-Jitsu mats, as well as the Amulet symbol. Each Gem on the Amulet points to the area of the gem's Card-Jitsu form. It only has one Puffle Statue and no Ninja Statues.

Bottom Area (Recycling Centre)

At the bottom of the island is a Recycling Centre. It's exterior may be a bit different from the one once on Club Penguin Island, but the interior is basically the same. Furbies enjoy coming here.

Bottom Right Area (Card-Jitsu Snow)

The Card-Jitsu Snow area is the emptiest of all areas on the island. It only features the Snow symbol, two Puffle Statues and a Ninja Statue. The statue has a gong on it's coat and one of the Puffle Statues in it's hand. The method of accessing Card-Jitsu Snow is quite simple. First hit the gong. Then you have 5 seconds to get onto the Snow symbol before it warps everyone on it to Card-Jitsu Snow.

Top Right Area (Ninja Garden)

In the Top Right Corner there is a Ninja Garden for relaxing after a nice game of Card-Jitsu. There are 5 Ninja Statues and 8 Puffle Statues. It is the best place to relax on the island.

Top Area (Card-Jitsu Water)

Card-Jitsu Water's Room is decorated quite nicely. There is a video about the game displayed on a nice screen, there are diver helmets modified into aquariums around the place, there is an instructions plaque close to the mats and the mats are all in a circle around the Water symbol. Like Snow's area, there are 2 Puffle Statues and 1 Ninja Statue. The gong in the Ninja Statues hand is the one from the game.

Top Left Area (Furby Homes)

The Ninja Garden is relaxing, but there is just a special comfort about a Furby's Home that just makes it so great! Each Furby has a house, and the Box Portal takes you underground to a whole city of houses.

Bottom Left Area (Card-Jitsu Fire)

Fire's area is much more messy with the mats than Water, with the mats being all over! However, the instruction plaque is near the Fire symbol and there is also a video about Card-Jitsu Fire being played on a screen, so maybe they aren't really that different.

How to Access Puff's Dojo

Puff's Dojo can be accessed easily if you know how. In the Ninja Garden, there is a Ninja Statue with a vat of Hot Sauce in one hand and an Aquarium in the other. Throw a Snowball on top of the Hot Sauce vat and the contents of the Aquarium is drain into the head. Then the aquarium door will open and you go inside. Once you are in the dojo, press the button next to you to close the door and put the aquariums contents back.


  • The Furbies on the island are all Gray.

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