The amount of pookies a preppy mumu will adopt

are mainly teenage penguins, they like to hang out at the stadium, university, or pizza parlor. Sometimes they're also biggy wistas or biggy broders.

This is what a prep might look like!

They are like mumus/duh duhs in a way. Preps, like mumus/duh duhs spoil their Pookies, especially when the certain pookie whines like "WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Meh want it mow! Woo awh gwee mweanie!" If you see a Pookie doing that: kill them.

How They Look

Boy Preps usually wear hoodies or a football outfit. They have hair such as The Sunstriker and they also wear dark sunglasses. They usually say 'is Drake', 'is captain of the football team'. They are known to be ignorant.  Girl Preps they mainly wear hoodies (not all girls who wear hoodies are preps though) or cheerleader outfits (usually blue). They have either The Sidetied or the Futterby hair, they also have diva sunglasses or boas. They are known for acting as if they're perfect as nobody else.

But out of both, they're all obnoxious. 

How They Act

Preps usually act like biggies and rarely mumus. They make the "XD" emoticon (A LOT) and they also say things like "does perfect flip" or "opens locker". They may also be biggies but even though they look like a prep doesn't mean they are one. They just dress like that. They Talk Like This And Are Very Snooty And Manipulative!


  • A penguin on Oasis. They are a possible prep, as they talk like one, and look like one.


  • Preps love to date by using the heart emote.
  • Preps often lightly swear.
  • They usually hang out at the stadium.
  • We think they are mean, but some arent.
  • Some may have contests.
  • Preps are Pookie's second stage of life, being worst.
  • They are copies of each other all wearing a Blue Cheerleader Outfit, White Diva Sunglasses, and The Sidetied (for girls) and Blond hair, Blue Hockey Jersey, and Football (for boys)