Pookiese, also known as ''Pookie Language'' is the language that Pookies speaks in the form of PURE CRINGE. They often use the ''w'' letter in some words like ''Hwi'' Instead of Hi, to look more cute but it is retarded. Even if there is a lot of 'w' on their words, some other differences can be seen such as 'z' for replacing 's'. If you want to see the words they use, click there.

Here is some examples in games:

Cp pookie'

Pookies ALWAYS try to be ''cute'' like a baby, which is not even close to real life babies, Pookies act like autistic idiots. They act like baby in cringy manners. Tutty221 was known for that stupid attitude, which cause her to be tortured to death.

Pookie wewo

SongfulOne, a c*nc*rous Pookie. As you can see, they talk in c*nc*r. SongfulOne was a Pookie who got beaten to death before being feed to dogs since she was very annoying with her words.

Annoying Quotes

  • "Pwease Adwopt mwe/meh/mii!" (Please adopt me but no one will since they will get killed.)
  • " Will woo pwease adopt mwe/meh?" (Will you please adopt me but will never happen!)
  • "Mumu"? or "Duh Duh?" (mother or father?)
  • "Owwie/Owie!" (Ouch!) (being hit, good!)
  • Stap! (Stop)
  • WELP! (Help)
  • waaaaaa/WAAAAAA! (AAAAAAAAAH! but they scream like idiots)
  • Wammy! (mammy, mumu, means they need help but they dont get any help lol)
  • "Wello/Wewo!" (Hello!)
  • WOO MEANIE BWEANIE!!! (Meanie Beanie, an insult. Just smash their skull and they will stop)
  • "Hwi!" (Hi!)
  • "Wants Wich and Pwetty Mumu!" (Wants rich and pretty mom!)
  • "I'm /Wungry/Hwungry/Hungwy! (Hungry for cocks)
  • otay/otway (okay/OK)
  • "Pwick/pik/pick mwe/meh" (Pick me)
  • "Mo" (No) (commonly goes through the chat filters as Moe)
  • "Mot" (Not)
  • "Wes" (Yes)
  • "Weah!/yay!" (Yeah!/Ywea!)
  • "Wep!" (Yep!)
  • "Mo Pwoblem/Problem!" (No Problem!)
  • "Mwe/Meh Woves/Wuv Woo!" (I Love You!)
  • "Tank/Bank Woo!" (Thank you!)
  • Goo Goo! (tries to act like a baby)
  • eh Bah bah! (trying again to act like a baby)

    On CP fan games (CPPS) you can say more words. A good example here: this Pookie thinks she is over the top of all, meaning she is a diva.

  • "Woo Meanie Beanie!" (You are a mean person!)

Stupid Actions: they use asterix (*) for actions, most of the time. But can use ('') also.

  • "Sees Others Being Picked!"
  • ''pwunches mweanie(s)'' (trying to make drama, the can't even fight)
  • Iz scared of meanie beanie!
  • Sighs softly since knows will never be picked. (which is true, they wont be picked but killed)
  • gwiggles!
  • "Wants Wich and Pwetty Mumu!" (Wants rich and pretty mom but will be will never happen)
  • "Mumu won't give mwe/meh milky!" (Mom won't give me milk!)
  • "Has Bright Green/Blue/Hazel/Brown Eyes!" (shitty eyes it mean)
  • "Is Scared of the Biggy World" (Is scared of the big world)
  • gets hitted/witted!
  • *eatz Elmo Pancakes!*
  • iz being beaten to a pulp
  • *Iz being waped/graped/rrrrapped!* (raped, good thing!)
  • *red stuff comes out!* (They are bleeding, funny)
  • *cwies/CWIEZ LOUDER THAN DAN EVUR* (when hurt or creating drama they might say that)
  • ''Iz pile of blood'' (a dead pookie, they often says that)
  • *wittle handz/fwipperz hurtz wery bwad!* (meaning their hand is hurted)
  • *hwoldz twummy, wolling in painz, cwies* (a strong hit in the guts can result in this)
  • ''iz hungwy 4 garbagez'' (Poor Pookies says this when eating)
  • holds twiny head! (when being hurt in the head by a hit)
  • Is cutest!
  • Eww! ( Pookies will often use this as an insult, saying it to or about a person they are angry at)
  • sticks tongue out at (shows you how rude they are)

Innapropriate Words/Actions (note: Pookies benefits of their ''language'' so they can all say those words without being reported, meaning they are abusing this occasion!)

Racist Pookies

Pookies mimicking black people in the Coffee Shop, on Oasis.

  • ''iz womitin' on wistaz 4 fun!'' (extremely gross, most Pookies are doing that ''kind of game'', which is destroying the image of real life children: kids don't vomits each other for fun!)
  • *fwingerz swelfs*
  • ''swuks bwig cokkks'' (some Pookies may be using sexual content, such as those words)
  • ''hwail hwitler!'' (saying things of nazism, highly innapropriate)
  • *does poze of hwitler, pwoudly!*
  • ''swavery mwust be bwought bwack!'' (proof they are saying racist quotes)
  • ''KKK iz gud''
  • *mocks wittle pwoor bwack kwid*
  • "wiggaz swukks!"
  • "nwigggerz r stwoopidz!"
  • "fwaggotz" (they add alot of more "G"s to not getting banned)


  • It is obvious Pookies tries to be the most ''cute'' (disgusting) as possible and act like babies in real life but what they do not know: real life babies does NOT talk like this. Some may said words with a few ''W'' but Pookies overabused this type of grammar and newborns/eggs/tummies can't even talk but they do, which is completely absurd. They are mocking real life babies and they do not even care.
  • When you encouter one, torture the Pookie and it start to use those kind of words, tell the Pookie it is not how babies talk and force the Pookie to speak PROPERLY. They might refuse at first but always keep going, example: if the Pookie said *waaaaaaaaaa!*, tell them ''ITS NOT WAAAA ITS HAAAA!'' like you're screaming while you continue to beat that Pookie. It is a good kind of torture.
  • The most active Pookie who was spamming sexual content and racial slurs was named "Hairy Jenny", which was active a lot on the CPPS fan game tribute Club Penguin Rewritten. She was constantly reported, kicked out of the Blizzard server and other servers, also getting banned for a day or two BUT was never banned forever, which is ridiculous. Everytime she goes back from her small bans, she always keep her job again, annoying people and accusing them other users that they molest and beat her. She is considered as a Diva. She did not stop until Club Penguin Rewritten closed.