A drooling pookie.


A pookie that has been foolish.

Pookie cphrase

This is a pookie!

Pookies are retarded and cancerous penguins in Club Penguin who are characterized because they are less intelligent than normal kids, they act like orphans, they always go to the Pet Shop to be picked, they speak wrong adding a lot of 'W's to their words and they have a small amount of words in their vocabulary. They also like Elmo and Dora and have a type dogs and cats as pets which they call 'uppies' and 'kitties' and known to be much smarter than normal dogs and cats but they still have a low intelligence. Pookies are always yellow and they are the most known and numerous type of baby in the game, the other one being chicks which are the normal babies and kids. Some pookies are selfish, dumb, and act like orphans for people to feel sorry for them and pick them despite they're not orphans, they only were put up for adoption by their mumu or dada so that they can pick another pookie. Orphan is when both parents of an underage are dead.

Most pookies only like females which is against the law in real life. One of the main reasons Agent Extreme makes fun of them, calls them Orphans, and makes them sad and cry, then he kills them after getting their hopes down.

Despite the fact there are smart pookies, smart ones, in reality, know ONLY about Elmo's fur color and Dora's backpack (which makes them dumber than ever)

NOTE: Pookies have ''evolved'' and many on CPR are running away from being killed or tortured, which in original CP, they ''obey'' to any actions made on them.

Stages of life

  • Egg (no age) - An Egg on Club Penguin is a pookie, uppie, and (very rarely) a kitty in an egg. They go to the Pet Shop and normally say "Free Egg!". If a mumu decides to adopt it, she will keep it warm until it hatches. If the egg does not get adopted, it may hatch in the Pet shop. After it cracks and hatches, the egg becomes a pookie/uppie/kitty. Not very common and it's rare to see Eggs.
  • Pookie Tummy (no age) - They are the complete opposite of Eggs. You can see a few in the Petshop, they are all unclothed, waiting and saying ''Iz fwee tummy!'' or ''need tum tum!''. They will start follow you when you choose them (if you are a mother) and will not talk for 5 minnutes until they said ''Is ready!'' which means you have to ''push!'' like a pregnant woman. They will say ''tiny head pop out!'', ''tiny arms pop out!'' and the so is the rest. Then they are all red since they are covered in blood and you have to clean them up. Since their method of birth is childbirth, it is very innapropriate in the game's rules. They are vulnerable when they are about to be out of the womb, you have to beat them and kill the mother, which is very simple.
  • Pookie (0-10) - Don't speak properly and have a cancerous vocabulary. low intellegence. Usually are put up for adoption at the Pet Shop so that their mumu or dada picks a different pookie. Act like orphans when put up for adoption. All yellow and easy to fool/kill with.
  • Prep (10-20) - Selfish. Think themselves as the best ones. Only think on themselves. Like to hang out at the stadium, university and Dance Club. Females think that they must have a boyfriend in the blue team.
  • Adult (20-50) - If they have any children they're called mumu if female and dada if male. Think that anyone who isn't in this life cycle is mean. Usually put up their pookie for adoption and pick a different one. Unusually keep their biological pookie.
  • Old (50-around 70) Grammy if female and grandpa if male. Final stage. They are easy to kill.
  • Death (at around 70)

Around 50% of the ones who belong to this life cycle are killed by pookie haters. And around 70% of the ones that belong to this life cycle who are killed, tortured, taken or hurt are in the pookie stage.

Types of Pookies

Naughty Pookies

Naughty Pookies are troublemakers, they love to get into trouble whenever they can.

Naughty pookies can do lots of things to get into trouble.

  • Driving the family car.
  • Sneaking cookies.
    • Pookies in the Pet Shop.
    • No more pookies!
    • The color of all pookies.
    • A boy pookie.

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