The pookiepnosys (pookie+hypnosis) machine which is now under construction and is being built by Agent Era. Her puffles Ruby, Rocky and her black puffle(from the DS game) are helping her create it It has the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Wax(this is a special wax which causes a pookie's brain to stop functioning and they obey the first person they see)
  • Pookie blood
  • Ghost-mite(once given permission by boo industries)

What does it do

The wax causes the pookie's brain to stop functioning and they start behaving like a robot and obey the first person they see. There is a secret voice transmitter which transmits a noise only pookies can hear. If a PHD agent uses this the pookies obey them but beware sometimes pookies can see a mumu or a duh duh and start obeying them

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