A pookie that can't speak

Pookie talk is the way pookies speak as they're babies or little kids. It's characterized for having a lot of 'w' on its words but there are also some other differences. Sometimes, pookie haters make fun of they way pookies talk.


  • Hello: Wewo
  • Hi: Hwi
  • Me: Mwe
  • Please: Pwease (sometimes they say 'pwease pwick mwe', 'pwease mot!')
  • You, your: Woo (examples: 'woo are my wista', 'woo iggy' and 'woo pwetty!')
  • Thanks, thank you: Tanks, ank woo, banks, bank woo
  • Yes: Wes
    Pookie cphrase

    One of the weirdest phrases pookies could ever say.

  • No: Mo (Shows as "Moe" on CP)
  • Not: Mot (sometimes they say 'mot woo!')
  • Sister: Wista, sista
  • Brother: Broder, bwoder
  • Big: Biggy
  • Mother, mom: Mumu, moo mee, mama, mwa mwa, mommy, mummy
  • Father: Duh duh, dada, dadee
  • Puppy: Uppie
  • Kitty: Kittie
  • Play, plays, playing: Pway, pways, pwaying
  • Cry, cries, crying: Cwy, cwies, cwying
  • Hit, hits, hitting: Wits, wit, witting
  • Hate, hates, hating: Gate, gates, gating
  • Pick, picks, picking: Pwick, pwicks, pwicking
  • Run, runs, running: Wun, wuns, wunz, wunning
  • Hug, hugs, hugging: Wug, wugs, wugz, wunning
  • Mean, bully: Mwean/mean, mweanie/meanie
  • Listen, listens, listening: Wisten, wistens, wistening
  • Like, likes, liking: Wike, wikes, wiking
  • Grow, grows, growing: Gwow, gwows, gwowing
  • Break, breaks, breaking: Bweak, bweaks, bweaking
  • Sleep, sleeps, sleeping: Sweep, sweeps, sweeping
  • Asleep: Asweep (sometimes they say 'falls asweep')
  • Sleepy: Sweepy (sometimes they say 'is sweepy')
  • Try, tries, trying: Twy, twies, twying
  • Look, looks, looking: Wook, wooks, wooking
  • Angry: Angwy
  • Strange, stranger: Stwange, stwanger
  • Little: Wittle
  • Princess, prince: Pwincess, pwince (sometimes they say 'is wittle pwincess')
  • Pretty: Pwetty (sometimes they say 'woo pwetty!')
  • Horrible: Worrible
  • Screams: Scweams