Agent Omega X Current Version2

This is Agent Omega X, the most dangerous Protector of the PPP. Watch out for him.

Pookie Protectors (also as PP) are agents that protect Pookies, they also work for the Pookie Protection Program. They protect them from us, evil mumus and MELDs. Protectors are also our enemies and they also try to vandalize this wiki too so be careful. The most known one is Agent Omega X.

Known & Dangerous Protectors

Here are some known protectors that you got to watch out for:

  • Agent Omega X (the most dangerous Protector)
  • Agent R
  • Agent Joystick
  • Agent Pink (the least dangerous, she's stopped protecting)


  • The protectors protect pookies, but they can also protect the entire family as well.
  • Some protectors are trying to ignore us.
  • They are fools who are brainwashed, like Pookie Lovers: they idolized Pookies being innocents and did nothing wrong, like "angels".
  • Some Protectors have been vandalizing our wiki and saying we're the bad ones (which is ironic since they said they are the "good" ones) but we actually aren't.
  • If you're a protector that is undercover, you will be fired immediately from PHD and be blocked from here, via being killed.
  • The PHD doesn't only kill Pookies, we also kill protectors here as well.