What pookie lovers say

Pookie Lovers are idiotic and blind Penguins who like/love Pookies. about 65% of them will adopt them. They all praise Pookies like they're some gods and claim that they do nothing wrong. A notable Pookie lover is Superpuking.


They are usually preppy, acting extremely cringy. Some aren't preppy, but they are all an enemy to the PHD, as they still really like pookies. Most of the adopting ones act all rich and famous so pookies will say yes to them, which makes no sense, since if they base you off of your look, they're a bad pookie, even for a lover.

Shitty petshop

Always cover your kids eyes.

Many Pookie Lovers were part of the Pookie Protection Program, and they adopt pookies and protect them from the Pookie Haters. Since the Pookie Protection Program disbanded, Pookie Lovers are trying to keep their name, and protect pookies as much as possible, which sadly does not always work since PHD Agents and Pookie Haters can easily sneal in the igloo to kill Pookies.


Pookie Protection Program


Pookie Hater Defense

Puffle Protection Program