The Pookie Hater Policy is the honour code of the Pookie Haters, they are forced to follow these rules otherwise they'll be fired.

  • Trust no one.
  • If you turn out to be a secret pookie lover, you will be fired immediately.
  • If a Pookie asks for help then abuse it, torture it, take it or kill it.
  • Infilitrate mumu's or dada's gloo's when necessary and when the fam fam gets home jump out and kill the pookie, but don't let them see you before
  • If you want you can kill the mumu or dada too so the pookie doesn't get any help.
  • Pookies always go to the Pet Shop to be picked. So go in disguise as a nice numu/dada/biggy and pick a pookie, then when you get home abuse it, torture it, keep it as hostage or simply kill it.
  • Never EVER lead someone to the HQ since they will find out about the agency and will inform the PPP and/or the EPF.
  • NEVER REVEAL THE AGENCY'S PLANS. Do not reveal this to ANYONE, not even trusted members of the PHD. We can't take that risk. 
  • If you are catched helping a pookie you will be fired. Unless you are doing it for the pookie to trust you and later abuse it, torture it or kill it.

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