Pookie Hater Disguises are used in the Pookie Hater Defense to destroy pookies.

"What are Disguises used for?"

Disguises are used for tricking the other family members an kill them and also to teach them that pookies are bad and are not to be adopted anymore.


Pookie Disguise

This pookie disguise is most likely going to be a girl. Since moms most likely pick the girl ones. This disguise usually includes a crown and the while Card-Jistu belt as the diaper. You must be a yellow penguin while wearing them. When your using this disguise you must act like a Diva pookie. This will teach parents not to adopt pookies and avoid them.

Pet Disguise

This disguise is a pet disguise. From puffles, to uppies this may be a good one. For cats the Snow Lepord costume from the Earth Day Party same with dogs. For puffles the puffle costume from the Puffle Party. When a pookie adopts you and sends you to the pookies's home. You'll most likely say "tears carpet" or when attacking "puts claws into". This is a very good disguise.

Older Brother or Sister Disguise

This disguise is when a pookie hater pretends to be a prep. They must wear prep items to use this one. When using this disguise and the parents are gone you must punish the pookie and abuse it. This will make the pookies leave most of the time.

Dad Or Mom Disguise

Dad Or Mom is the great one to use. Most likely you should be a mom. Pookies are sexist sometimes. When doing this you must give the pookies,spanks,bad food, and DEFINITELY do not change their diaper. You must also wear adult clothies such as the Diva Glasses. You can find these from Puffle Treasure using your puffle.

Elder Disguise

This is probably the worst disguise. But you must have a beard to be one or a cane. While your take care the pookie while the parents are gone you must punish them enough until they leave. You must act like a elder though.

Family Disguise

This disguise is the best. First you need 5 or 4 to do this. One uppie,one pookie (or 2),one dad, and one mom, this makes a complete family. You may not have a enough space in your igloo so you must use your secret Pookie Hater Defense hideout or something like that. You can say "BIG FAM FAM AT MY IGLOO" or just adopt a pookie. The pookie will most likely come and you have put the pookie in your trap.