Here is a list of weapons we use for Pookie Hater Defense.


Black Toque

EPF Earpiece

Black Viking Helmet

Comm Helmet

Delta Headset

Optic Headset

The Alpha


Trusty Spear

Grape Spear

Cookie Bombs

Thunder Blade

Epic Staff & Shield

Dino Claws

Hawkeye Quiver & Bow


Grappling Hook

Money Bag

Range Finder

Tech-book 3000


Whistle (or silver)

Sandtrooper Pauldrons

Snow Launcher

Jet Pack (any kind like Gold, or Space Cadet)

Plasma Laser


Blue Power Cell

Tech Satchel


Water Suit 3000

Ghost Costume

Dragon Suit (any)

Dino Sweater

Doom Drone

Viking Costume

Up To No Good Suit

Comm Gear

Canister Camouflage

Tactical Gear

Tech Coat

Delta Suit

Alpha Suit

EPF Suit


Dragon Feet (any)


Comm Boots

Tactical Boots

Delta Sneaks

Alpha Pumps

  • Water Suit 3000
  • Tactical Suit
  • Comm Set
  • Stealth Outfit
  • Snow Launcher
  • Trusty Spear
  • Thunder Blade

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