Pookie Hater Defense Shop (A.K.A PHD Shop) is the official shop for the Pookie Hater Defense. It has various items, clothes, and equipment for agents. To buy things in the PHD Shop, agents will need PHD medals to buy certain things.


The shop allows agents to buy certain things to help them skill pookies, however, in order for agent to buy things they must need PHD medals which can be obtained by completing missions, they can also be obtained by using your Skill Phone.

The shop has a great amount of items for agents who want new upgrades and such.

Items Currently Available

  • Dragon Dildos (3 Medals)
  • Terror Teddies (5 Medals)
  • Lasers (2 Medals)
  • PHD Laptop (30 Medals)
  • Skill Phone Upgrade 2.0 (15 Medals)
  • Skill Phone Upgrade 3.0 (20 Medals)
  • Skill Phone Upgrade 4.0 (25 Medals)
  • my mixtape (really fire)
    Operation R.E.B.E02:18

    Operation R.E.B.E.L Theme song

    also the theme of the store

    (3 Medals)
  • Grappling Hook (15 Medals)
  • Walking Land Mines (10 Medals)

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