Pookie Cycle is a life cycle of the sub-species babies in Club Penguin, here's a good look of learning the life cycle.

Life Cycle

Eggs (Unborn)

Like penguins babies come from eggs, however, these eggs are different and came from a different island somewhere around Club Penguin Island. They go to the Pet Shop and say "Free Eggs" or "Eggs for sale", they can only roll around and wait for somebody to adopt it. It is currently unknown where these eggs came from.

New Born (After Being Hatched)

After being hatched they will go to the pet shop. They won't know how to stand or speak sometimes. They sometimes say "Is newborn". This is when they get there yellow color. They will be treated with the most respect in CP to moms.

Pookie (Growing Up After Being New Born)

After learning to stand the pookie will soon start learning. They will most likely be adopted at this stage. The pookie may go to day cares or pre-schools. This is also when they get new toys.

Prep (10-12)

After being a toddler they will soon start acting like a prep. Example : The pookie will say "Ikr" "Idc". They will start acting like a prep and better spelling.

Teenager (13-17)

When being a teanager they will be have to be a model for there younger sisters or brothers. They will also hang out with other teenagers and say "Texts to Boyfriend". They will sometimes get a car.

Adult (18+)

When 18 or older they will leave there homes and than go to the CP University. This is when they pick their jobs. Mostly likely they will be a EPF Agent or a Coffee Worker. They also may get married and have their own pookies.

Elder (Final Stage)

When they are a elder they most likely carry a cane or have a beard. At this time they will be at a retirement home. After a few days or months they may die. And the cycle starts all over again.

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