Pookie Contests are used by Mumus to pick the best pookie.

How It Works

When a mumu goes to the Pet Shop,the mumu will usually go there and advertise and say "POOKIE CONTEST AT MY IGGY!" or say "POOKIE CONTEST AT MY IGLOO ON MAP!". Some pookies will start to go there and take a seat on the chair. Most pookies pick the rare ones because they think that rare is better, the mumu goes back to her igloo. She'll than start saying a them like to wear colors or themes like Winter or princesses and princes. Whoever has the best outfit stays in. Whoever doesn't has to leave. Sometimes the mumu says "RARE".This is unfair to pookies which make them into Divas.

How Pookie Haters Use Pookie Contests

A pookie hater will see contests as a place to trap pookies and skill them. A pookie hater will disguise as a mumu and say "POOKIE CONTEST AT MY IGLOO". When after enough pookies get there, the pookie hater will probably turn back to their Hater uniform or do something hazardous in their igloo.This makes the pookies die. Pookies may avoid pookie contests after this happens to them.


  • The first Pookie contests started in 2009
  • This is the most common way to kill pookies

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