A somewhat relatable image of a pookie speaking the "language" of pookies.

These are some of the pookie catchphrases there are. They are very stupid.


"Needs a mumu more than Dora needs boots!" (to be cute)

"Sees other pookies getting picked!" (to be desprate for a mumu)

"Gets thrown in by speeding car!" (to try and make people feel sorry for)

"Goo goo" (mostly newborns)

"Waaa!" (mostly pookies age newborn-1)

"Eh bah bah!" (to show people that they can't speak)

"Is wittle!" (to be cute)

"Waaa!" (when a PHD agent hurts them or something like that)

Pookie catchphrase

A Pookie talking in their language: the Pookiese. Cancerous indeed.