Pookie anger can be low, or high. Look at how angry they can be to be on the safe side.


2:Running Away-Not Happy



5:Biting- A Little More Than Angry

6:All Caps-A Little More Than Angry

7:Big Brow-Really Angry

8:Throwing Snowballs-Angry 


Sad emote (Left) Mad emote (right)

9:Getting Weapons-Super Angry

10:All Of The Above: Volcano Angry

Note: A mixture of a sad and mad pookie creates a spoiled pookie. Spoiled pookies will look ugly like other pookies, but are bratty and high maintenance. They whine like "MO! Cwies wike cwazy! WWAAAAAA! Tinks mweanie moo will wuin meh pwetty cwothing!"

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