Penguin City, formerly called Flaming City, is a widely known city, specially famous for several famous agents living there, specially Agent Omega X and Agent Unknown.

Penguin City currently holds 25% of CPs population, and it grows everyday.


Penguin City is a very popular city in which almost all penguins live in, along with other races. Here are some of the main features that the city has.


There are many neighborhoods in Penguin City, including the suburbs, although most of the buildings are skyscrapers. Some PHD agents live in these neighborhoods, although some prefer the Omega Tower. There're also quite a few famous neighborhoods, not many, but definitely a few of them.


Omega Tower

The Omega Tower is the city's most known landmark, owned by Agent Omega X. It's located at the literally exact center of the city. It's more than 100 floors taller. It holds residential, comercial and other types of floors. On the top lies Omega X's private penthouse, only accesable with a special security card. The rooftop holds a landing site for helicopters or other types of ships to land on.

Bon Bread Company

Another landmark is the Bon Bread Company which is the home to the PHD Labs and RPA Labs. It is the largest pastry company in the city and it is very popular.


The city itself is divided into six districts. The six districts are the City Square, the North District, the West District, the East District, the South District and the Abandoned District.

City Square

The City Square is probably the most popular district in Penguin City, as it's in the center of the city. It's where the Bon Bread Company HQ is, along with the City Hall and the Puffle Dome. The Omega Tower is located here as well.

North District

The North District is where the PCA (Penguin City Airport) is, as well as the PCR (Penguin City Railroad) is.

West District

The West District features the Mr. Penguin's Movie Theater and also has several types of stores, like clothing ones, and also has a pizza parlor. It even has it's own fountain in the middle of the district. The spa (which held the Supreme Penguin Agency HQ below it) was also here, but it was destroyed by Agent Unknown.

East District

The East District is where the suburbs are, where some of the neighborhoods are located. Some penguins live here.

South District

The South District is where the docks are located and the PCCS (Penguin City Curse Ship) is located. This is where penguins visit Club Penguin Island and also where the beach is located too. It even has it's own lighthouse.

Abandoned District

The Abandoned District was once a very famous and prospering district, but when the First Alien Invasion occurred, this district was nearly destroyed, and since then, 9/10 people never goes in there. It is where the Abandoned Building resides.

Law Enforcement

Due to how big it is and the always increasing-decreasing crime rate, Penguin City has not one, but TWO kinds of law enforcing.

Penguin City Police Department

The Penguin City Police Department, or PCPD for short, is said to be one of the biggest departments ever AND the most organized one. Its officers are the very best, and the tests to enter require great physical strength and a great mind. Their agents can follow any trail to anywhere, and almost never fail a case. Some of their members are known to work side-to-side with the Vigilantes. Due to several reasons, there're two kinds of police officers; Normal and Dark.


The normal police officers are the honest ones. They work alongside citizens in order to arrest criminals and are highly appreciated by the people. They wear water blue uniforms.


Due to the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, several police officers have become corrupt. These officers are much more brutal and use more radical methods, yet they're much more effective compared to normal officers. However, they're disliked by the people, yet for mysterious reasons, there's nothing that can be done. They wear black uniforms.


The Vigilantes are the urban protectors of Penguin City, who come in when either the PCPD is outpowered or when they know someone's a criminal but there's no evidence to prove it. The Vigilantes are most commonly loners, meaning they follow no orders from anyone. In order to increase their effectiveness, some Vigilantes work side-to-side with members of the PCPD. There're two kinds of Vigilantes; super-powered and non-powered.


The super-powered Vigilantes are the ones who most commonly deal with super-powered threats, such as Super Villains. However, they can also take care of non-powered criminals if the situation requires it. They have super powers, which almost always gives them an edge over their opponents. They most commonly hide either in high-tech secret bases or in luxurious penthouses.


The non-powered Vigilantes are the ones who normally take care of small threats, such as petty thieves. However, they can also deal with super-powered threats if needed. Due to them not having special abilities, they rely upon technology or non-deadly weapons to accomplish their targets. They most commonly hide either amongst the civilian crowd or in residential blocks.


  • Penguin City is the largest city in Antarctica.
  • A lot of Pookie Hater Defense missions take place in Penguin City.