These rules are important to our wiki. Keep in mind that you can hate pookies as much as you want on this wiki, one more thing this page has been protected by pookie haters so that we can avoid vandalism.

Basic Rules

  • NO loving pookies on this wiki.
  • NO uploading pornography, or extremly gore images to this wiki.
  • NO vandalizing, spamming, hacking or changing user profiles.
  • DON'T make crappy articles.
  • NO edit wars, especially pookie protests on this wiki.
  • NO swearing unless if it's non-offending.
  • DO NOT make unrelated articles on club penguin, pookies, or anything that doesn't relate to them.
  • NO bad grammar.
  • NO pookie lovers, PPP agents, or anything similar will be blocked from this wiki.

General Rules


  • Vandalism: No vandalising pages on the wiki, this will make the wiki look bad and you will get blocked.
  • Blackmail: Blackmailing is forcing someone to do something they don't want to do or they'll suffer, this is illegal and you will be blocked without warning and will be reported to wikia staff.
  • Hacking: Hacking is when you break into a computer system and start changing the pages and it's almost impossible to get them to undo, if your account has been hacked, warn an admin and we will contact wikia about this.
  • Anon Bullying: Please do not bully anon's for not having accounts, otherwise you'll be given a warning or a block.
  • Wiki Wars: If you start a wiki war, you'll be blocked without warning.
  • Unrelated Articles: Unrelated articles are articles not related to something at all, if you do this, you'll be given a warning and then a block.
  • Spamming: If you spam something everywhere, (photo, video, sentence, link, etc) you'll be warned that it's spam and if you continue then you'll be blocked.
  • Agent List: If you didn't ask to join the PHD and you suddenly appear on the list, you'll be given a warning to stop doing it, you'll be blocked if you continue doing it.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is copying someone else's photos, sentences, and other things without permission, if it is posted on this wiki, it could get it closed down. Plagiarism is highly against the rules and will not be tolerated.
  • Discrimination: Making fun of someone for their race, nationality, or religion is just complete exclusion.
  • Bullying: Bullying makes users feel sad, scared, or unwelcomed. If you bully someone you will be given a warning and then blocked.
  • Chat: Don't be rude to users on chat and continue arguing with them, this will result in a kick, ban, or block.
  • Sockpuppet: Sockpuppets are second accounts created by users on the wiki which are hiding their identity, if we get proof that your a sockpuppet account, you will be blocked indefinitely.
  • Demotion: A user with rights has to be active most of the time, otherwise they will have to face demotion.
  • Userpage: Please do not add inappropriate, scary, racist, or offensive content on your userpage, if you don't remove it, you will be blocked.

All Users Are Equal

The only people making the actual rules are the admins, staff, and the founder.

Blocking Policy

(for administrators only)

Unwanted Contributors

There are five types of policy breakers:

Vandas white

White Vandal

WHITE vandals are usually accidental vandals. First give them a warning, followed by a short block. If it happens again, give them a longer block, then infinite.

Vandas grey

Grey Vandal

GREY vandals are semi-rouge vandals. The vandalism exhibted may not be accidental, yet they do not seek mass vandalism; they are not disruption-only accounts. Give them a warning, then a short block followed by longer block if it happens again.

Vandas black

Black Vandal

BLACK vandals, or rogues are hostile to the Pookie Protest Wiki and wish only to disrupt. Give them infinite block without warning.

Vandas red

Red Vandal

RED vandals are like black vandals, except they vandalize en masse. Give them an infinite block without warning, and be on the look out for more.

Vandas pixlated

Pixelated Vandal

PIXELATED vandals are inappropriate contributors are accounts who usually post porn or anything that they love pookies. First a warning, a block for a year, and finally forever.

Under martial law only gray, black, red, and pixelated will be using the following policy: Ban Forever. White vandals on the other hand, will recive the same punishment grey vandals have when not under martial law.

Unacceptable Username

  • Having an offensive name with e.g. a swear word or racist word.
  • Sockpuppetting another user, as of terms of use NEVER create another account.
  • Intentionally trying to impersonate another user.

Probation & House Arrest

If a user is suspected of being rogue or disruptive but there is not enough evidence to block them we put them on probation. Being put on probation means you are being monitored closey. Users who have been unblocked or expired from a long-term block are automatically put on probation. Any admin may add or remove a user on the probation list at any time. House arrest is another alternive for other types of policy- breaking suspects. It means you may only edit your talk page in order to prove you guilty or not guilty.

Under martial law this should not be enforced, as all users will be under house arrest.