This is a list of people of the PHD's enemies:

List of Wanted Penguins

  1. Agent Omega X (MOST DANGEROUS)
  2. Agent Batman (DANGEROUS)
  3. Agent Cool (One of Agent Unknown's enemies)
  4. Agent Pink
  5. Agent R.
  6. Agent Joystick
  7. Agent Ham
  8. Onega X (Agent Omega's X (Earth-5621) Counterpart)
  9. Agent Bulc (Agent Club's Negative Counterpart)
  10. Agent Oob (Agent Boo's Negative Counterpart)
  11. Agent Xetrov (Agent Vortex's Negative Counterpart)
  12. Agent Mastermind
  13. Agent 96818 (Jonie's evil cousin)
  14. Pookie Godz/Superpuking (LEAST DANGEROUS)