This is a list of people of the PHD's enemies:

List of Wanted Penguins

  1. Agent Omega X (MOST DANGEROUS)
  2. Agent Batman (DANGEROUS)
  3. Agent Cool (One of Agent Unknown's enemies)
  4. Agent Pink
  5. Agent R.
  6. Agent Joystick
  7. Agent Ham
  8. Onega X (Agent Omega's X (Earth-5621) Counterpart)
  9. Agent Bulc (Agent Club's Negative Counterpart)
  10. Agent Oob (Agent Boo's Negative Counterpart)
  11. Agent Xetrov (Agent Vortex's Negative Counterpart)
  12. Agent Mastermind
  13. Agent 96818 (Jonie's evil cousin)

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