Where The Future Is Being Destroyed Today.
— The PHD Labs Official Motto

The PHD Labs are a set of secret labs and the main testing chambers for the Pookie Hater Defense. The labs are hidden underground, under the Bon Bread Headquarters. The Main Scientist is Agent Bon Chaos. The labs are split into 2 sections, one for the PHD, and one for the RPA.

List Of Major Inventions Built Here

Many gadgets and inventions are created for the RPA and PHD,here are the more major ones.

List Of Known Scientists

  • Larry The Gadet Guy (Second Main Scientist) (Mainly Works In The RPA Section) (Gary The Gadget Guy's Brother)
  • Agent Extreme known by other scientists, for unique construction, and inventing).


  • Their motto is parody of the Muppet Labs Motto: "Where The Future is Being Built Today".

External Links

RPA Labs on the Robber Penguin Agency Wiki

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