PHD Fighter is a upcoming Anti-Pookie Force (Also known as APF) Club Penguin online video game being made by Agent Veggiepuff, where you will need to eliminate all pookies once and for all, it will be realeased on the Scratch website on a date to be announced.


Agent Veggiepuff

Veggiepuff will be a playable character. His ability is to change between 3 forms, each with different stats. His regular form, a plain Arctic White penguin, has high speed, medium attack, and low defense. He has a basic punch in this form. His Robo-Kitty form, a penguin with robotic shades of gray and blue eyes, has high attack, medium defense, and low speed. Instead of just punching, he shoots lasers from his hand in this form. His shadow form, a penguin with shadowy colors, has high defense, medium speed, and low attack. Instead of normal punches, he expands his body so it gets taller, attacking airborne enemies. He has the lowest of all stats of all characters in every form (minus regular form speed), to balance out to the other characters so he isn't overpowered.

Agent Unknown

Unknown will be a playable character. He has the ability to turn into a Pookie and blend in with enemies so they don't attack him. However, he cannot attack, open doors, jump, or use/fix electronics in Pookie form. He has high attack, medium defense and low speed. He uses the color black, and wears sunglasses. Instead of punching he shoots a gun. He can also use a jetpack to boost the time of his jump.

Agent Bongi6

Bongi6 will be a playable character. He has the ability to throw pizza dough, which can trap enemies and allow him to stick to/walk on surfaces he normally wouldn't be able to. He can also use it to crawl on walls, but not ceilings. However, when on pizza dough, he cannot attack (if on wall), jump, fix electronics or set traps. He has high defense, medium attack and low speed. Instead of just punching, he uses one of three Card Jitsu elemental attacks. Water (weakest power, 50 percent chance), Snow (medium power, 35 percent chance) or Fire (strongest power, 15 percent chance). He wears Arctic White and a suit with sunglasses.



Basic enemies. They attack by hitting you with teddies (-1 HP) or throw a block at you (-5 HP). Their trap is a fake golden elmo in a small cage. They have 5 HP.


Basic enemies. They attack by hitting you with their purse (-10 HP). Their trap is a fake diamond ring in a cage. They have a 70% chance of dropping their purse when you skill them. They have 15 HP.

Duh Duh

Uncommon basic enemies. They attack by hitting you with a baseball bat (-25 HP). Their trap is a baseball in a cage. They have a 30% chance of dropping their bat when they are skilled. They have 20 HP.


Basic enemies. They attack you by biting you (-5 HP). Their trap is a bone in a dog house. They cannot be skilled.


Uncommon basic enemies. They attack you by scratching you (-5 HP). Their trap is a rubber mouse in a bowl of water. They cannot be skilled and are faster than most enemies.


Minibosses. They come in 3 varieties, purple, blue and ancient. Purple versions attacks by biting (-10 HP). They have 25 HP. Blue versions attack by biting (-15 HP) and breathing fire (-20 HP). They have 50 HP. Ancient versions attack by biting (-30 HP), breathing blue fire (-35 HP) and by throwing rocks at you (-50 HP). They have 100 HP. When down to 50 HP, he boosts his defense by 20%.



  • More information will be added when this game is further worked on.
  • It will be released on the Scratch website.
  • It will be made using Scratch 2.0
  • All playable characters have 200 HP.
  • Bosses and Minibosses don't have traps.
  • Traps take 5 seconds to set.
  • You don't get drops from enemies if you trap them.
  • Please don't make changes to this article (unless you are correcting a spelling/grammer error) without permission from Agent Veggiepuff.

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