A PHD Ban is the biggest and most harsh punishment received in the Pookie Hater Defense. Agents will receive this ban by doing certain things, that will most likely get them punished. Such as threatening agents, blackmailing, hurting other agents, etc.

The agent has five chances before they get completely fired. 

Banning Reasons

  • Threatening Agents.
  • Blackmailing.
  • Trying to take over the agency. (Not Counting SIC, TIC, FIC).
  • Spamming Meetings in Chat.
  • Not wanting to stop after countless warnings.
  • Hacking in the HQ.
  • Swearing, offending others. (Unless it's a joke) (This does not count swearing at pookies).
  • Putting up Wiki Wars.
  • Putting up Flame Wars.

Banning Time

  • 2 Weeks: The most common ban notice, if your threatening agents or not wanting to do missions.
  • 1 Month: This ban is extensively the same as the previous ban but longer.
  • 3 Months: This ban is if agents are threatening, blackmailing, or putting of a flame war that is relatively bad; They'll get this ban notice.
  • 6 Months: This ban is for agents that are causing fights and putting up more flame wars on the agency or trying to take over the agency or doing the previous actions multiple times. They'll get this punishiment if the need the arises.
  • 1 Year: This ban is the second worst ban in the agency. If the agents keep doing things and not wanting to stop after warnings. They'll get this ban notice for them. It is also their last ban notice before they get fired.
  • Infinite (Fired, Terminated): For serious cases like having been banned five times in a row previously. This will cause the agent to be fired permanently for all time and be removed from the agency.


  • When you get a ban, the Director shows you the rules.

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