PHD Air Force
This is one fleet of hundreds in the PHD Airforce.



Agents working in

Agent Club, Agent Extreme, Agent Nightmare, Agent Vortex, Agent Boo, Agent Jonie

PHD Airforce or an air army lead by Agent Extreme, is the PHD military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare. There are currently 11 aircrafts and more specifically it is the branch of the PHD pilots that are responsible for aerial warfare, however pookies themselves don't do battles in the air but some protector pilots can pilot aircrafts. The airforce is used to do battles against pookie protectors and it is also used to transport agents to other lands like the navy.

Typically, the PHD air force are responsible for gaining control of the air and carrying cookie bombs, weaponary and all kinds of altery.

List of Aerial Warfare

  • PHD Rescue Life Plane
  • PH-28 Glider
  • Pookie Skiller Warfare
  • Air-PH Skiller
  • Super Coco (Agent Coco when on Super Mode, this form is exclusive to Agent Coco and allows him to swim, dive and fly)
  • Club's Aircraft
  • Alex's Aircraft
  • Warning 9P
  • Agent Vortex's Spaceship HQ
  • Agent Extreme's powerful, indestructible Extremejet.
  • Agent Boo's Jet
  • The Nightmare
  • WPS (Wildfire Pookie Skiller)


  • On multiple occasions in Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y, the PPP Airforce had attempted to attack the PHD and to destroy the PHD HQ, but every time they tried, they were foiled by the PHD Airforce under lead by Agent Extreme every time.
  • They are one of the most powerful air armies in the whole of CP.