Operation T.R.E.A.T
Operation Treat Logo

Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? October 23, 2014
Free Candy(s) $6000 and free items.
Location Penguin City
Special Agent(s) No

Operation T.R.E.A.T is an operation which began on October 23, 2014 and ended on November 1, 2014. It will take place on the Halloween Party 2014 in Club Penguin. It will require PHD agents to steal treats from pookies which are trick-or-treating.

This mission is a holiday-themed mission.


Operation T.R.E.A.T stands for:

T = Tricky

R = Rats

E = Engage

A = At

T = Trick or Treating


Agent Club was going to buy halloween decorations for his igloo when he saw that pookies were going to plan something for the Halloween Party, Agent Club was curious what it was, which wasn't going to be nice. He decided that he was going to make an mission that will stop them from doing their plan.



Agent Club announces the mission, Agent Alyssa makes a thread about the mission.


Agent Club makes an update to the mission; he is currently working on a machine which can capture all the candy from pookies however he needs pumpkins to power it. He now is asking everyone to get pumpkins for the machine.


Agent Club starts the mission with Agent Dart and starts going to the island. They go into Agent Dart's hideout and quickly make some plans about the pookies and how are they going to do the mission. They then decide to go to the puffle hotel and explore for evindence, during that time they get a call from Agent Corn who decides to join them in the mission; After exploring the hotel for a bit, Agent Club tries to go to Floor 13 but realizes it is presumably "out of order". They decide to have a break and go watch the "Night of the Living Sled"; after the movie Club got an idea about how they could revive the living sled. Agent Club and Agent Dart find an old lab with a sled and decide that it's time to revive the living sled. Agent Club with the help of Agent Dart's machine gets a ray gun and blasts the sled (Agent Corn). The experiment turns out to be a success and the runs away to skill pookies, after the first part of the mission Agent Alyssa researched the puffle hotel only to find pookies had been stealing candy for something.


Agent Bongi6 stole some candy from pookies. But then he found something very important in them: a virus that can turn pookie haters into pookie lovers, and can make pookies take control of CP. Bongi6 took the candy to his secret base to study it, and find a way to stop it. He found out that pookies were stealing candy from innocent penguins. He went to arrest some pookies.

Agent Alyssa was going for her normal daily club penguin routine. She got coffee from the coffee shop and went to work at the Pizza Parlor. She went on her break and went to the hotel. She went on the roof and took candy from pookies, then skilled them and put rest in prison.


Agent Club with Agent Dart, Agent Slash, Agent Alyssa, Agent Vortex and Agent Hotsause went to Club Penguin Island. They decided they should explore the island after having lunch at the Pizza Parlor, but then Agent Slash had an idea. He said that they should disguise themselves as pookies which they can trick mumus and attacking them later on; The plan however failed as they were not getting picked for some odd reasons. They then try another plan where they dress like mumus and dudus and get a pookie to skill. After a while of searching they then find a pookie that wanted to be picked.

They take the pookie to Agent Slash's igloo where they do innocent things to the pookie until they have a "surprise". Agent Slash quickly changes his igloo only for the pookie to find out that it was a torture place for pookies. The pookie screamed and cried and ran away to the island. Agent Slash needed the pookie to die and chases the pookie through various parts of the island until the pookie got caught and got arrested. The pookie then wakes up in Agent Slash's igloo and wanted to escape, however Agent Club gave the pookie a slice of fookie cake which the pookie ate and became a normal penguin, she couldn't remember anything or anywhere. The penguin was later released out of prision and told her don't go near pookies again.

Later Agent Club tells everyone to take screenshots of them doing their jobs.


Agent Bongi6 and Agent Slash tells everybody to go on Club Penguin Island to do some more research on pookies.


Agent Boo was just working giving some innocent (non pookie treaters some candy). When he went back to his base and got his computer, he remembered Night of The Living Sled. But someone said that the Sled was at the Puffle Hotel. He wanted to capture The Sled and take him to the Snow Forts to kill pookies. He got a pookie for bait. He put tape on the mouth, eyes and tied her up. He threw the pookie and waited for the sled. He waited 15 minutes and the sled wasn't there. He was confused but than since he finished the Ghost Hotel he went to the 13 floor and saw the sled stuck he secretly unlocked him and put him in a cage. He took him to the Snow Forts but the sled attacked him. He escaped. But he got some candy where the Sled was standing on and took it. He looked under a microscope and found a disease in it. He thinks that this disease can make pookies sick called the The Sickness. He's trying to make more, put in candy and let pookies eat it. After lots of pookies get it he will trapped them in the pet shop and kill them some how. He thinks the candy is very strange and not normal.


Agent Club was sleeping in his igloo after Halloween when suddenly he heard a noise tapping on his window. Agent Club sleepy got up from his bed to see what it was. He thought it must've been someone at the door for candy, but realized it was the middle of the night and no one would come for candy at this hour. He ignored it and went back to sleep but he quickly heard more tapping from his window again. Agent Club got up again and opened the front door but no one was there. Agent Club went back to bed but his doorbell quickly rang, it made Agent Club jump. He opened the door but no one was at the doorstep and quickly closed it. The doorbell quickly rang again but everytime Agent Club opened it no one was at the doorstep. Agent Club closed but still had his flipper on the door, when the doorbell rang the last time, Agent Club opened it and soon realized it was a ghost pookie somehow one of the agents had skilled. Agent Club ran out of the igloo as fast as he could, but the ghost pookie flew after him around Penguin City.

Agent Club was still running away from the pookie but soon found the cemetery of dead penguins. Agent Club had an idea and quickly ran to the cemetery with the ghost pookie after him. Agent Club soon discovered one of the graves had been dug up by someone. Agent Club with his ray gun blasted the pookie ghost and sent it back into it's grave. Agent Club quickly ran away to his igloo in the middle of the night and slept until morning.


Agent Club awoke in his igloo and remembered last night and wondered if it was real. He didn't hesitate and got up from bed, got ready and headed to the PHD HQ. He told everyone about the mission and wanted everyone to explain what they did in the past few days. Agent Club noticed that the candy wasn't strange anymore and no more pookies didn't seem to remember anything about last night.

Agent Club then said the mission was over now but wanted everyone to go around Penguin City and Club Penguin Island to check if any pookies were hiding any candy or making more plans, however someone rang the alarm in the PHD HQ. Agent Club went to see what it was, only to find out that there was nobody but a bag full of candy. The mission seemed to be over.

Agents Participating in this Mission

  • Agent Club
  • Agent Slash
  • Agent Alyssa
  • Agent Bongi6
  • Agent Dart
  • Agent Glade1
  • Agent Batman1115
  • Agent Boo335
  • Agent Vortex
  • Agent Jetpack
  • Agent Hotsause


  • This mission was announced by Agent Club on October 4, 2014.
  • This is the first holiday themed mission.


Agent Club Spotted

Agent B Spotted

Agent Dart Spotted

Agent Alyssa Spotted

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