Operation S.O.U.N.D

Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? February 19, 2015 - March 4, 2015
Free Candy(s) $300 and Upgrades
Location Club Penguin Island
Special Agent(s) No

Operation S.O.U.N.D is a duo mission Agent Vortex and Agent Boo were sent on.

This mission began on February 19, 2015 and ended on March 4, 2015.


Operation S.O.U.N.D stands for:

S = Save

O = Our

U = Undercover

N = New

D = Department


Agent Club wanted to do a mission where Agent Vortex and Agent Boo worked together alone. He heard there was a sound party coming soon, the result was Operation S.O.U.N.D and will be the first duo mission.



The mission begins and Agent Vortex and Agent Boo get ready.


Agent Vortex hears the mission, packs his gear and calls Black-Out. Meanwhile Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3 are talking about upgrading their armor. Agent Boo tells Robot Boo 3 that pookies are going to the special concert and planning to turn all the penguins into pookies. He tells him they're going to take out some of the PPP and CPPD agents. They then plan to meet Agent Vortex and Black-Out at the snowforts, the time where Agent Batman does his guard patrol. Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3 go to the snowforts.

Meanwhile at the Pookie Industry HQ a group of pookies are talking about their new plan which involves a machine that turns everyone into pookies. They also are planning to turn Club Penguin into Club Pookie. They then argue and one of them cries.

Back to Agent Boo, he and Robot Boo 3 are talking about they should bring in the Boo Mech. However Agent Boo tells him they should go into Agent Boo's Jet seewhat's going on. They go into his jet and fly around the island, they then find the concert which hundreds of penguins are wating to see the show. They find out it's currently going fine. They then fly back to the snowforts.

Agent Vortex gets his deadringer out. He soon gets a text message from Agent Boo about going to the snowforts. He and Black-Out run and arrive at the snowforts. They meet with Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3, they then plan to take out Agent Batman. Which they distract him by throwing a fish to the forest. He chases it and Agent Vortex and Agent Boo run but get caught by the Club Penguin Police Department and tells them to put their hands up or else they'll die. The two choose to fight them.


Agent Vortex gets his invisible suit and decapitates some penguins. He also stabs one penguin through his body. One of the penguins sneaks behind Agent Vortex and attemps to shoot him but his deadringer gets activated and slices his head off with a knife. After a few seconds more penguins run into the scene with bazookas and machine guns. Agent Boo then calls in the Boo Mech and they get in one of the mechs and they use the Laser Rail Cannon and the E-Flame Thrower skilling tons of CPPD agents. The Club Penguin Police Department retreats. The gates to the concert then open and they see the machine that turns everyone into pookies.

They jump out of the Boo Mech and Agent Vortex runs to tell everyone to evacuate now before it's too late. They soon find some pookies and Agent Vortex and Agent Boo get their weapons ready and fires their gatling guns and their chainguns at full speed. Just when the pookies are about to die, some CPPD officers run in and aims their guns at them. After a smart talking with them the officer shoots his gun and Agent Vortex's deadringer gets activated. Agent Vortex then appears behind the officers and brutally stabs them until a pool of blood forms. They then run away to somewhere else.

They then run into a pookie whom Agent Vortex mocks it. The pookie turns into a giant muscular pookie and attacks them. Agent Vortex turns invisible. He then throws a rope around the pookie's giant legs to make it trip and fall down. Agent Boo pulls out a sword and and sticks it straight into the pookie's skull. The pookie then cries which Agent Vortex holds up his killer crown. He puts the crown on the pookie's head and the crown instantly latches onto the pookie's own head. A saw comes out of the crown and saws the pookie's head in half. The pookie screams in pain but gets engulfed in blood and dies. They than see 2 pookies hear one of the pookies screaming. The pookies start to look for them but luckily Agent Vortex and Agent Boo call Robot Boo 3 and Black-Out. RB3 (Short for Robot Boo 3) and BO (Short for Black-Out) arive and see the pookies looking for them. RB3 teleports with BO Where the pookies are and kick them to Penguin City. They than use their EMPS (Electro Magentic Pulse) shuting everything including the things around the concert. Agent Boo and Vortex come out and hear a voice. When they look they see Agent Omega X.


Luckily Agent Boo calls Vultron to attack Omega. Vultron appears and smashes Omega. RB3,Agent Boo,Black-Out,and Agent Vortex start beating Omega up. Omega is damaged very much but than uses his EPF Spy Phone and teleports away. They than go to Agent Vortex's House and have a party. Vortex serves out cookies,cake, and pizza. After the party is over they all head back home, and the mission is over.


  • This is the first duo mission for the Pookie Hater Defense.
  • This mission is based on the SoundStudio Party and will crossover aswell.
  • Vultron appears in the mission for the first time.

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