Operation R.E.B.E.L

Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? January 22, 2015 - February 4, 2015
Free Candy(s) $8000 and Upgrades
Location Club Penguin Island, Outer Space
Special Agent(s) No

Operation R.E.B.E.L is a mission that had began on January 22, 2015 and ended on February 4, 2015. It will feature PHD agents blasting pookies into outer space.

It was the first mission in 2015.


Operation R.E.B.E.L stands for

R = Really

E = Exciting

B = Battle

E = Engaging 

L = Lightsabers


Agent Club was looking for ideas for January, since Club Penguin was having a party for the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, he decided that he should make a mission for it.

He thought of a plan that they should blast the pookies into outer space and so it began.

Agents Taking Part Of This Mission

  • Agent Club
  • Agent Bon Chaos
  • Agent Extreme
  • Agent Slash
  • Agent Boo
  • Agent Vortex
  • Agent Fazbear
  • Agent Awesome
  • Agent Alyssa
  • Agent Peppa
  • Agent Jonie
  • Agent Smp

Enemy Agents Taking Part Of This Mission

  • Agent Omega X



Agent Club announces the mission


Agent Extreme has begun the mission with permission from Agent Club.It has now been closen again by Kidzrule because he didnt know his was also closed.

The PHD Agents fly down to Naboo where Agent Slash (Lord Vitiate) was standing and infiltrate a PPP base


The PHD Agents go get fuel except Lord Vtiate (Agent Slash) and Darth Tyrannus (Agent Extreme) who stop to rest.But they instantly get attacked by Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker they start fighting and Obi-Wan and Luke fall to the ground then PPP ships come and take them away.When the ship was flying away they used force lightning to crash them into a mountain.The PHD Agents came back with the fuel and they start flying to Queen Amidale.


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