Operation Pookie
Operation Pookie2
Platform Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Developer Club's Company
Publisher Club697
ESRB rating ESRB T For Teens
Genre RPG
Date released March 18, 2015
Operation Pookie is an upcoming Anti Pookie Force (Also known as APF) Club Penguin video game being in development by Club697. The game's main plot is the Pookie Hater Defense assigned on a mission called "Operation Pookie" which will order you to stop pookies once and for all; the game will be released for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS on March 18, 2015.

The game allows to transfer coins onto your Club Penguin account, just like Elite Penguin Force & Herberts Revenge.


The gameplay will mostly be an RPG style; when you interact with an enemy you will battle with the enemy in a turn based battle and options to attack.

In the game, you take control of Agent Club who is second in command of the Pookie Hater Defense is assigned an Elite role ranked superior to the secret agents, a "Pookie Hater Defense agent". Players embark on missions utilizing both familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles, and locations to investigate mysterious events on Club Penguin Island. In addition, the game operates with the Nintendo Network system, coins that you earn in the game can be sent to your online penguin from the 3DS.

Playable Characters

Agent Club

Agent Club is the default playable character in the game, he has the most balanced stats of the characters; he wears light blue a black touque, a backpack and a suit. He can jump on enemies or punch them with medium attack power.

Agent Bon Chaos

Agent Bon Chaos will be a playable character, he is a weapons expert and a scientist. He can shoot pookies with his weapons and can also call reinforcements of unpookies that can fire lazers that can take out a high amount of damage. He has the most attack power out of all of them but low defense and medium speed.

Agent Unknown

Agent Unknown will be a playable character, he is a master of disguise and can bend in or turn invisible, when he is invisible, enemies are unable to attack him. He can also use this method outside of battle when he can turn invisible avoiding fights. He has low attack, high speed, and medium defense.

Agent Bongi6

Agent Bongi6 will be a playable character, he has the ability to hide into a shield, when in this shield enemies cannot attack him, however the shield will eventually break after a few moments later. He has high defense, low speed and medium attack.

Unlockable Characters


  • When players buy this game, they will receive a free Club Penguin code they can add to their account.
  • Players can upgrade their HP in this game.
  • It will be released on Wii U & 3DS.



Pookie sprite

A pookie sprite.