Operation M.A.C.H.I.N.E
Operation Machine logo

Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? November 20, 2015
Free Candy(s) $8000 and Upgrades
Location Club Penguin Island
Special Agent(s) No

Operation M.A.C.H.I.N.E is a mission that began on November 20, 2015. It will require PHD Agents to construct a special machine to skill all the pookies in Club Penguin Island instantly.

This mission was announced by Agent Club on November 7, 2015.


Operation M.A.C.H.I.N.E stands for:

M = Make

A = A

C = Cool

H = High Tech

I = Instructable

N = New

E = Easy Device


Agent Club was in his igloo looking at the blueprints for the PHD's newest invention; The Pookie Skiller 5000. Agent Club thought about that the machine will take alot of time to make. He thought about it for a moment and needed lots of agents to help him create it.

Agent Club takes his blueprints to the PHD HQ and goes announcing the mission.



Agent Club is in the PHD Labs announcing the new mission and showing the blueprints for the Pookie Skiller 5000. He shows everyone a list of all the materials they need in order to make the device.

Agent Vortex gets a text message from Agent Club with the materials. Agent Vortex thinks for a moment to decide which material he needs first. He chooses the advanced steel but he'll need to make lots of iron first. Agent Vortex gets into his spaceship and flies to the mine, which is near the forest. Agent Vortex gets his drill out of his backpack and goes mining. After five hours of mining, Agent Vortex comes out of the mine exhausted with Black-Out. Agent Vortex yawns for a moment and sends Agent Club a text message saying they've got all the iron. Agent Vortex loads all the iron in his spaceship and flies back to the forest to melt all of the iron. Agent Vortex arrives at the forest, he yawns again and decides if he should just take a quick break. Agent Vortex falls asleep inside his spaceship and wakes up two hours later. He rubs his eyes and sits up and immediately finds a cartload of iron. Agent Vortex gets out of his spaceship with the iron, he goes back into his spaceship and gets his giant storage shed. Agent Vortex tells Black-Out to melt all the iron to 5000 degrees. Black-Out starts melting all of the iron with his flame throwers into steel.

Meanwhile, Agent Turtle gets a text message from Agent Club and sees the list of all the materials they need. He looks through the list and tries to find the easiest material they need, which is the batteries. Agent Turtle goes to the store and looks for the batteries.

Meanwhile, Agent Boo is in his igloo reviewing the list of all the materials they need. Agent Boo sees a truck full of Ghost-Mite driving in. Agent Boo says to Agent Club on his Skill Phone that they've got all the Ghost-Mite they need. Agent Boo also says he has some Boom Teddies, Mirror's of the Doomed, and normal land mines just in case. He also brought a couple of E-Flamethrowers, however, Agent Boo was out of rechargable batteries and he couldn't find them anywhere. Agent Club says that's okay and checks them off the list. Agent Vortex texts Agent Club and Agent Boo that they've got all of the reniforced steel and the normal flamethrowers. Agent Club explains that the robot will be able to switch to a normal flamethrower or an E-Fire flamethrower in case they didn't know. Agent Boo says they need to make sure that nobody will be spying on them, like the PPP. Agent Club says he's wating for Agent Turtle to get the recharable batteries. Agent Boo says he's going to look for an AC generator. Agent Boo waddles away to the Mechanics Store. At the mechanics store, Agent Boo is greeted by the mechanics manager who is Jhon. Agent Boo says he would like an AC generator. The mechanics manager says they have them and Agent Boo asks how much are they, which is 300 Coins. Agent Boo buys the AC generator and waddles back to Agent Boo's jet and flies to the PHD HQ. Agent Boo says they now have the AC generator. Agent Club says they now only have the batteries, Fookie Cake, and Fookie Powder. Also he says they might use the land mines, just maybe.

Agent Turtle goes to a Baking Shop to find the materials for the Fookie Powder and the Cake. The owner asks him if he's having a bakesale but Agent Turtle just says makes up one and says give me the recipt.

Agent Smp goes to his igloo and gets some E-Fire for the source and starts driving to the PHD HQ. He also gets 20 Rechargable Batteries.

Agents Participating

  • Agent Club
  • Agent Boo
  • Agent Vortex
  • Agent Smp
  • Agent Nightmare
  • Agent Ultra
  • Agent Lightning
  • Agent Turtle
  • Agent Super Brady

Enemies Participating

  • Partstripes





  • This mission will have a mission trailer.
  • This mission was planned by Agent Club during October, but announced it in November instead.

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