Operation Infiltration II
OperationInfiltration II

Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? March 19, 2015 - April 8, 2015
Free Candy(s) $900 and Upgrades
Location Penguin City
Special Agent(s) No

Operation Infiltration II is a mission and is the sequel to the original Operation Infiltration. This mission requires PHD agents to infiltrate the Omega Tower and bring back Onega X from the Negative Dimension.

This mission began on March 19, 2015 and ended on April 8, 2015.


After a year since Operation Infiltration I started, Agent Club thought of an idea of infiltrating Penguin City's most famous landmarks which was the Omega Tower. However in order to that he needed some help from somebody from the Negative Dimension named Agent Onega X.


This mission will be split up into two parts.

  • The first part will be about going to the Negative Dimension and bring back Onega X.
  • The second part will require PHD agents to steal some important files from the Omega Tower.


Part 1: Going to the Negative Dimension


It has been a year since the Pookie Protection Program's mission Operation Infiltration. The mission was about the director of the agency called Agent Omega X and his agents tried to infiltrate the Pookie Hater Defense and steal their files. After a year the Pookie Hater Defense has improved overtime and wants to take back what they owned.

Agent Club sends everyone a text message on their spyphones and tells them about their new plan. Their plan is to get back their stolen files to destroy pookies. However it is currently being held in one of Penguin City's most famous landmarks; the Omega Tower which is owned by Agent Omega X. The files are at the very top of the tower in Omega X's private penthouse which can only be accessed by using a special key card called the Omega Key which is owned by Agent Omega X. However before they infiltrate the tower they must first go to the Negative Dimension and revive Agent Onega X (Agent Omega X's evil clone) to help them out. He is currently been skilled from the first Operation Infiltration but the Pookie Hater Defense is currently making a substance that can revive any penguin whatsoever. Which the scientists from the PHD labs will be doing the job for that.

After that, they then can go to the Negative Dimension by either using the old Dimension P 9000 or using Boo's Time Machine if they need too.


Agent Omega X wakes up in his private penthouse on top of the Omega Tower. He looks around the room and is shocked to find Agent Bongi6 in his penthouse. It was revealed that Agent Bongi6 merged with the door's shadow and used it to slip in. He promises to remain faithful to the oath and only use them in Super Hero Agency and not in any other agencies. Agent Omega X asks if he has a problem with something. Agent Bongi6 says that they were going to meet up in the Super Hero Agency HQ, however, Agent Omega X didn't show up. Agent Omega tells him that he is taking a break from being a superhero. Agent Bongi6 wants to know why he is taking a break.

Agent Omega X tells him that he has rescued wild puffles from abusers, defeated multiple criminals, and more work then he has done before. Agent Bongi6 accepts his answer and leaves the same way he entered the room before. Agent Omega X then takes a nap and goes back to sleep again.

Agent Club says he's going to call Agent Vortex and Agent Boo to let them know about the new mission. Agent Club calls Agent Boo with his spyphone. Meanwhile Agent Vortex and Agent Boo are eating a bag of Chip Chip Hurray while watching television. Agent Boo's spyphone rings which Agent Vortex informs him. Agent Boo checks it and sees it's a call from Agent Club. Agent Boo says that Agent Club needs them for something.

Agent Boo answers his spyphone and Agent Club says to him for the "special project" that they have talked about. Agent Boo cuts the call and says to Agent Vortex as "you-know-who". After a quick talk they go to the Omega Tower. Agent Vortex and Agent Boo arrive at the Omega Tower and rings the doorbell. Agent Boo says that they are just passing by and doing their things when they "thought" they should visit Agent Omega X. He says if they can come in. Agent Omega X unlocks the elevator for them and allows them to come in. Agent Vortex and Agent Boo go up the elevator to the highest floor which is Omega's Private Penthouse. Agent Omega X greets the two and tells them to have a seat. After talking for a long time Agent Vortex says he needs to go to the bathroom. As Agent Vortex is heading towards the bathroom, he instead goes straight towards the left, entering a room with alphabetically ordered files. Agent Vortex searches through the files and sees the stolen PHD files. Agent Vortex finally returns to Agent Omega X's penthouse. Agent Boo quickly says to Agent Omega X that they must be going now. Agent Omega X says goodbye to them and unlocks the elevator again. The two PHD agents go down the elevator and exit the Omega Tower. When they are outside Agent Vortex says to Agent Boo that after leaving the men's bathroom, you must turn to the first door on the left with the alphabetically ordered files. Agent Boo also says that he saw a copy of every single file in the Tower's Mother Computer located in a secret room in Agent Omega X's penthouse, however, Agent Boo doesn't know how to access the room but Agent Omega X told him that only his best friends and his family can use it. Agent Vortex and Agent Boo realize that Agent Unknown might be able to do it since Agent Omega X and Agent Unknown have been best friends for a long time now. The two PHD agents go to the PHD HQ and the RPA HQ to see if Agent Unknown is there to help them.

Agent Jonie is riding the Joniebike to the Omega Tower. He parks the Joniebike and heads to the entrance and rings the doorbell. After that Agent Omega X comes out the door and greets Agent Jonie. Agent Jonie says that he's hungry and which Agent Omega X shows him to the kitchen where he can get food. However Agent Jonie then goes to another room where more files Pookie Protection Program files are protected, including plans for the PPP. He grabs a few files and stuffs them to his mail bag. Agent Jonie quickly runs out of the Omega Tower and goes on his Joniebike and rides to his igloo. Agent Jonie gets his teleporter and teleports to the PHD Headquarters. He shows Agent Club the PPP's secret files.

Agent Bongi6 teleports to the PHD HQ and tells Agent Club that Agent Omega X keeps more secret and valuable files in his penthouse and stole a few of them. Agent Bongi6 shows Agent Club and Agent Jonie the files of the PPP to which they are planning to destroy the power of the time portal and steal it's energy so Agent Omega X can use it too destroy the Pookie Hater Defense and save pookies.

Agents Participating

  • Agent Club
  • Agent Bon Chaos
  • Agent Extreme
  • Agent Vortex
  • Agent Boo
  • Agent Nightmare
  • Agent Jonie
  • Agent Awesome
  • Agent Bongi6
  • Agent Blast

Enemies Participating

  • Agent Omega X
  • Agent Onega X
  • Agent Batman
  • Dark Spider (Omega's Superhero Identity Evil Clone)
  • Project Omega X 2.0 (Omega's Secret Agent Identity Defective Clone)
  • Defensive Heroes of Pookies
  • Omega X (Earth-616)

Allies Participating

  • Omega X (Earth-000)
  • Omega X (Earth-777)
  • Holy Omega

Differences Between Operation Infiltration I

  • Unlike in the first mission, the Pookie Hater Defense is much more powerful and has more agents to help out with this mission.
  • Agent Unknown was a enemy in the first mission and was working for the Pookie Protection Program.
    • However, due to him joining the Pookie Hater Defense, he is now an ally to them.
  • There are new agents in this mission that weren't in the first.


  • This mission was announced by Agent Club on March 5, 2015.
  • There might be another sequel for this mission called Operation Infiltration III, a third mission in the Operation Infiltration series.
  • The Pookie Hater Defense was planning to revive Onega X from the Negative Dimension.
    • They succeeded but however, he was later skilled with Omega X from the Positive Dimension and they both went to Penguin Heaven and Penguin Hell.
  • Negative Counterparts returned here and some new counterparts are introduced.
  • This is the first time Omega X (Earth-616) appeared in an agency Mission.
    • However, it's not his first appearance, neither in the CP Universe nor generally. He first appeared in "Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal", a digital story posted in the Pookie Protest and Robber Penguin Agency's Forums' Stories Boards. He then appeared in the sequels, "Freezer's Ultimate Plan" and "The Superior Omega X", although as a minor character in the latter. He is known to appear in the future "Omegaverse" story, where it's revealed that it's chronologically the first time he enters the CP Universe.

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