Operation Infiltration is a series of missions created by Agent Omega X. These missions require the Pookie Hater Defense and the Pookie Protection Program to infilitrate their plans and destroy their agencies.

List of Missions

Operation Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Mascots Locations
Operation InfiltrationOperationInfiltrationFebruary 25, 2014April 6, 2014NoneNonePPW Wiki
Operation Infiltration IIOperationInfiltration IIMarch 19, 2015TBANoneNonePenguin City


  • The second mission will happen a year later after the first one started.
  • Agent Omega X (Earth-5621) sacrificed himself in Operation Infiltration II along with Onega X. He later became Holy Omega and is trying to rest in his afterlife.
    • Agent Omega X (Earth-616) is now his replacement.
  • It is one of the oldest missions in the Pookie Hater Defense.

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