Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y
Operation Holiday Logo

Are You Gay? No
When will the glorious really great v4ndal nation strike again? December 18, 2014 - January 1, 2015
Free Candy(s) $8000 and Upgrades
Location Penguin City, Pet Shop
Special Agent(s) No

Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y is a mission that began on December 18, 2014 and ended on January 1, 2015.

This mission will required PHD agents to sneak in pookie igloos and use the S.S.S (Secret Santa Spy).

It was also the last mission of 2014.


Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y stands for

H = Hating

O = Omega's

L = Life

I = In

D = Days

A = At

Y = Years


Agent Club, Agent Alyssa, and Agent Dart were coming up ideas for December.

First they decided the name, Agent Alyssa said Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y, Agent Club agreed on that name and decided what to do.

They decided to do the S.S.S and what to trade with the Pookies presents. Agent Dart said the fookie cake, and Agent Alyssa said the Elmo Thriller Smoothie. Then Agent Dart said why don't we mix those two to one so after the meeting, Dart asked Agent Bon Chaos to mix the elmo thriller smoothie and fookie cake. Agent Bon Chaos agreed to that and will add some Bon Bread too.

Agents Participating in this Mission:

  • Agent Club
  • Agent Bon Chaos
  • Agent Unknown
  • Agent Slash
  • Agent Glade1
  • Agent Dart
  • Agent Alyssa
  • Agent Boo
  • Agent Awesome
  • Agent Vortex
  • Agent Extreme
  • Agent Peppa

Enemy Agents Participating in this Mission:

  • Agent Omega X



The mission plans are made and the mission is announced.


The mission then begins and Agent Club calls Agent Bon Chaos to mix the Bon Bread with Agent Extreme's Elmo Killer Smoothie. However Agent Bon Chaos notices that they are all out of Elmo Killer Smoothie. He goes down to the PHD cellars to get more smoothie only to get ambushed by a masked penguin.

The mysterious penguin throws Agent Bon Chaos to the ceiling, however, when falling he kicks the penguin to the ground. The mysterious penguin runs towards Agent Bon Choas and uppercuts him and dropkicks them and Agent Bon Chaos falls on the ground. Agent Bon Chaos mocks the mysterious penguin and focuses his energy and falcon punches the penguin which the penguin runs off.

Meanwhile, Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3 are hiding in a fam fam igloo. They try to get the food mixed with the Bon Bread and the Elmo Killer Smoothie. Agent Boo puts deadly presents under the christmas tree, however a pookie comes out. Robot Boo 3 uses it's flamethrower and it's boozaka and shoots down the pookie. After that, they escape.


Agent Bon Chaos is in the PHD labs mixing the Bon Bread and the Elmo Killer Smoothie. When he finishes, he calls a pookie from the jail. Agent Bon Chaos gives the pookie the deadly mixture. Agent Bon Chaos forces the pookie to drink the deadly mixture, the pookie drinks it in a fast gulp. The mixture didn't seem to harm the pookie at all, however, the mixture slowly poisons the pookie. The pookies screams in pain while Agent Bon Choas starts dancing to celebrate. He then breaks down on the floor laughing, however, while he is laughing. The mysterious penguin sneaks in and starts unlocking the pookie cells.

Agent Bon Chaos stops laughing and gets up on the floor which he notices the pookies left. The mysterious penguin and the pookies are gathered around and are about to leave. Agent Bon Chaos locks the door before they get a chance to leave and meets the mysterious penguin again. Agent Bon Chaos and the penguin dash towards eachother, Agent Bon Chaos jumps over the penguin while the penguin uses a graple hook to bring Agent Bon Chaos to the ground. When Agent Bon Chaos is getting up from the ground, the penguin throws the mixture at him which he barely dodges. Agent Bon Chaos runs behind a few leftover boxes and calls Agent Slash with his PHD spyphone. Agent Bon Chaos tells Agent Slash that he is fighting the mysterious penguin which he needs help. Agent Slash runs down to the PHD jail and stabs the penguin with his hidden blade. The penguin dies and Agent Bon Chaos gets up from the boxes and thanks Agent Slash for saving him. Agent Slash tells Agent Bon Chaos to come to the lab, when they get there, they see that Agent Slash is building a robot.

Agent Bon Chaos agress to help him build the robot but Agent Slash tells him not to tell anyone about it.

Meanwhile, Agent Club teleports to the PHD HQ with his teleporter and decides to call the Robber Penguin Agency with his RPA spyphone. Agent Boo and Robot Boo 3 haven gotten 50 igloos, they celebrate and watches the parents opening the deadly presents. The mumu and dudu finds a fruit cake and eat it which then they throw up acid and go to the bathroom and feels the pain. They then die and Robot Boo 3 decides to send the video to Agent Club. They then decide to take break and go to Agent Boo's Secret Underwater Base and get in their mini suberine and drive it to the PHD HQ. When they get there they notice Agent Club calling the RPA with the spyphone. When he finishes calling them, Agent Club lets Agent Boo know that the RPA are going to help the PHD. Agent Boo notices it's going to snow soon and the ocean will freeze.

Agent Vortex is loading boxes of terror teddies on his spaceship. He gets in his spaceship and flys over igloos and drops terror teddies inside the igloos. When he drops the last one, he flies back to the forest and notices the blizzard, his spaceship spins in circles and loses power which crashes into the frozen ocean. The spaceship goes offline and damaged.

Agent Slash goes through the chimney into the igloo and puts a explosive elmo under the tree. A pookie wakes up and sees presents and picks up the exploding elmo, however, the pookie's brains get shout out.

Agent Alyssa cleans up the mess in the PHD jail and drops off the presents. She teleports to a fam fam igloo to drop off the deadly presents. When the fam fam are enjoying their holiday the pookies hug their toys and one of the pookies dies. The parents cheer the pookie up by giving it a terror teddy which the pookie hugs and dies with it's parents. Agent Alyssa records the video and sends it to Agent Club.

When Agent Slash was at the PHD labs, he askes Agent Bon Chaos how the progess is going. Agent Bon Chaos shows the feet of the robot, which they will still have work to do.

Agent Club and Agent Boo decide to go into Agent Boo's igloo to get warmed up before the ocean freezes which they'll be trapped. Robot Boo 3 mands the cannons and they drive the ship back to Agent Boo's igloo. When they get there they notice a giant blizzard coming their way.

Agent Vortex kicks the the door open on his broken spaceship and picks up his jetpack and flies to the PHD base, however, his jetpack runs out of fuel and falls in the frozen ocean in the snow, straned in the middle of the frozen ocean. He thinks for a moment and decides to call Agent Slash for help. Agent Slash gets a phone call from Agent Vortex and notices he is in a blizzard in the middle of the ocean.

Agent Club and Agent Boo park near Club Penguin island's dock camoflauges it. They notice a figure in the deadly blizzard, they get their jackets and head over to see what it was. It was Agent Vortex badly hurt, Robot Boo 3 heals him and Agent Vortex tells them he ran out of fuel and the dock looked like a forest. Robot Boo 3 tells them they need to get moving however, they notices a puffle in the snow. Agent Boo tosses an o'berry to the puffle. The puffle says something but Robot Boo 3 translates what it says. 

Agent Slash hears that Agent Boo already saved him and laughs, however, the blizzard comes and gets blown away to the top of a moutain and falls off into the snow.

Robot Boo 3 translates what the puffle says, it tells them it was stranded out in the blizzard. It hops besides Agent Vortex, he shines a light on the puffle and reveals it was one of the blue crystal puffles. Agent Vortex gets a blanket and puts it around the puffle and carries it. Agent Boo sees a mountain and everyone gets sleepy. At the base of the mountain, Agent Club makes pillows out of snow and Robot Boo 3 makes a fire using it's fire breath and everyone goes asleep. 


Agent Slash wakes up and sees he is still alive in the snow. He wanders what happened and remembers he needs parts for his new robot, Slashbot. He walks around in the snow, he finds a few metal parts in the snow but none of them work.

Agent Vortex and Agent Boo find Agent Slash on the bottom of the mountain and Heal him with Robot Boo 3's Heal beam and Put him In Agent Vortex's spaceship and fly away.But then Agent Slash leads them to Gary's lab and later find out that Gary secretly Hated pookies all his life and Volunteers to help the PHD.Club later then agrees with Gary and they become a team.They later fly back to Slash's lab and drop him off.

Agent Alyssa is watching the news when suddenly she is captured by CPPD agents and is put in jail.The next day Agent Bon Chaos breaks into the CPPD and shoots the jail cell guard with his Choco-beam and turns him into chocolate.

Agent Slash is working on his robot when suddenly a Rocket blows up the wall and Reveals OET (omega's evil twin) and shoots him with a rocket launcher.And almost kills him

Agent Boo is walking Down the streets of cp about to drop off a "present" for a pookie when suddenly A group Of CPPD officers and CP army men Spot him and RB3 (Robot boo 3) and they start attacking him with helicopters and tanks but him and RB3 shoot all the vehicles and many officers.Later Boo calls Agent Vortex To help him but he is busy trying to find out the mystery of the pizza place and just sends Black-out to help Boo and RB3.Agent Vortex later discovers that The pizza place is closed so he decides to help boo.Agent Vortex fly over to the scene and shoots his pulsar cannon which are attached to his ship and helps RB3 and Boo escape along with Black-out And fly away.

The next day Boo and Agent Vortex are watching The CP news and we see the army general talking to the reporter telling him what happened Then suddenly the lights start to flicker and Gary comes in and breaks the camera and the screen goes black.Agent Vortex suddenly spots a hidden camera in the corner of the room and Boo then smashes the camera.

They suddenly hear a explosion coming from one of the monitors and see Agent Slash Badly injured with OET aiming a rocket launcher at him.They get in Agent Vortex's ship and save slash.They perform surgery on Slash which takes 3 hours and RB3 walks in and they use his heal beam to wake up Slash.Slash wakes up Startled and he suddenly starts sneezing then boo says He needs a cure for his illness.Slash the asks 'whats a cure' and then Boo and Vortex realize that slash was losing his memory and needed to stop it.

Agent Vortex luckily had a invention that keeps their memories from leaving he puts it on slash and he passes out with the helmet on his head so he wont lose his memory.


Merry Walrus (who was indeed a POOKIE LOVER) was quite upset with the way Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y was working so well. He then had a very naughty and sinister plot. He summoned his seal elves and...

Meanwhile, Agent Dart was stuck in the Chaoz Fantasy division's labs. He was trying to put together the evil mix for the pookies with the recipe Agent Bon Chaos gave him (it even came in a cookbook filled with great holiday treats!). He almost succeeded when, all of a sudden, he heard a very strange noise that distracted him, which caused him to spill something and make a mini explosion of butter. The noise itself kinda sounded like a fat blubbery animal trying to either breakdance or do "The Worn". Then, someone tackled him, tied him up, and kidnapped him! No one knows who did this, why it was done, and the fact that Agent Dart was kidnapped (although the story was typed up right here, so...)! Since then, he was not able to communicate with his team or fulfill Project S.S.S.


Agent Awesome swaps a pookies present with one of his funtime elmo dolls which kills the pookie

Agent Slash sneaks into the house which Agent Awesome invaded and shoots the mom in the head he then stabs the dad and rips his head off as a souvenir

Agent Vortex was riding on his spaceship and sees Merry Walruses sleigh he gets the presents on his spaceship and put Terror Teddys inside them and gives them to all the pookies

Agent Slash sees Vortex's space ship and calls out he lands and Agent Slash gets on they get to the PHD HQ and Agent Slash tells Club Omega told about about them on the news again


The next day Agent Boo builds a time machine and travels in the future. He goes to the Pet Shop and sees it filled with pookies and when he tried to enter he wasn't able because the PPP had security at the pet shop. Right before he was going to leave Omega X was there. But he was the future. Agent Boo needed to get back, and should've bought RB3. A penguin came with pies and Agent Boo took a pie and threw it at Omega X (Future). He escaped. On the same day he went to the past when CP first started. He got a beta hat. The next he diecied him and RB3 could go to Club Penguin,December, 2005. When they were there, they noticed everything was so different than the new. When they went to the pet shop, they saw it was with puffles and no pookies. At the pet shop 2 penguins came with puffles and they were talking about how Gary was having a announcement. RB3 and Boo went to the town to hear it. Gary gave everyone a gift whitch was filled in with a "Santa Hat". Agent Boo doesn't celebrate Christmas so he just threw the Santa Hat away. When he went back to 2014 he noticed there was a crack in the wall of his base and Agent Boo acidentlylly dropped his Beta Hat and fell in the hole and the Beta Hat was wet. RB3 repaired it. He went to his igloo and watched CP news. It was a penguin who really loved puffles. He than started to get phone calls from Club,and Vortex and they said pookies were gone. So something wasn't right.


The next day he went to the PHD HQ and told them what happened. Agent Extreme said that he must have dropped something realated to pookies, and they should not ever exist. But then the PHD HQ started to rumble because Omega X, who had saved the world from extinction dozens of times and allowed pookies to be safe, had suddenly been wiped from the timestream. Agent Extreme went back to the time where Protobot was defeated for the first time by Omega X. Everyone was shouting at Omega (the one from the past) because the note Agent Boo accidentally dropped said to eliminate Omega X. Agent Extreme went up to him and said to the penguins "Stop stop!" "Omega stopped Protobot". It worked and the penguins shouted at Omega in a good way. The Omega from the past asked him who he was and Extreme said a friend from the future. Then, they landed and they took a picture with the EPF from the past. Extreme then left to the present and went to visit Omega X in his Omega Tower. Omega X allowed Extreme to enter and asked him if he saw something weird in a photo, which turned out to be the photo he took in the past.

During the same day Agent Boo said he was going to make a airplane for himself. He started working immediately.

On the same day Agent Boo finished the plane and started to test it out. He tested it against Machine Gun Turrets,Rocket Turrets,and Laser Turrets and the Jet was still fine. He knew it was going to be very helpful.


  • This is the second holiday themed mission, the first was Operation T.R.E.A.T.
  • This mission was originally going to be named "Operation C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S" however, some agents have different religions and not celebrating Christmas.
  • Robot Boo 3 comes into play with this mission.
    • Slashbot also comes into play in this mission also, he was created by Agent Slash during this operation.
  • S.S.S will also come into play with this mission.
  • The Robber Penguin Agency (RPA) will also team up with the Pookie Hater Defense on this mission.
  • This mission was announced by Agent Club on November 15, 2014.
  • This is the last mission of 2014.